The Concept Car Features Aerodynamic Beauty with Great Functionalities

This futuristic concept car has been inspired by the bull and is designed with identical features and aesthetics of the same. This compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicle is extremely cost-effective and features an aggressive and aerodynamic exterior design with various unique body parts. The interior has been designed with a more soothing touch by featuring a laidback driving posture, ensuring a more relaxed driving experience for the riders. The close to the ground design enables superior air-cutting ability, making the car more controllable when running in high speed. Additionally, the compact shape of the car aids the rider to run efficiently in busy traffic and find a place to park easily.

concept car

concept car

concept car

concept car

concept car

Designer : Muhammad Imran

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Stephen Russell says: April 9, 2010

Nice ride.

Real nice

bierring says: April 10, 2010

yeah really nice

riddick says: April 15, 2010

yes very nice now when it come out lol

owegaboedago says: March 23, 2011

i don't get paid enough to afford this :(

stephen russell says: September 11, 2012

Love to rent this alone, radical CNG powered car, & going at 180 mph speeds., awesome

seric sheon says: December 3, 2012

when is it getting launched and which company

hussein chehab says: May 8, 2014

By being really honnest and have absolutely nothing against the designer, I must say the design is horrible. Just my opinion thought.

Donald trump says: May 19, 2016

i agree it is not very aesthetically pleasing but it is a good concept and looks to be extremely aerodynamic

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