Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan Auto-Adjusts Its Air Flow to Keep You Comfortable

Haiku by Big Ass Fans combines award-winning craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology into an efficient, elegant residential fan. Perfect for soaring ceilings and spacious great rooms, Haiku offers a contemporary alternative to the outdated design and technology of traditional ceiling fans. As the world’s first smart fan, Haiku with SenseME technology incorporates a series of sensors and learning capabilities that adjust the air flow to keep occupants comfortable when temperature and humidity conditions change. Additionally, an occupancy sensor turns Haiku on and off when users enter and leave the room, and SenseME even pairs with the Nest Learning Thermostat to automate home energy savings and comfort.

Designer : Big Ass Fans

Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

While the Internet of Things is becoming more common, the integration of a smart fan and a learning thermostat stands out because of its potential impact on home heating and cooling costs. In summer, the pairing allows users to effortlessly adjust their thermostat set point while using Haiku’s comfortable airflow for cooling. Reducing air conditioning use can pay off quickly – each degree a thermostat is raised can reduce energy costs by up to 5 percent. In winter, the fan pushes down rising hot air in tall spaces, increasing comfort and reducing heater run time. Energy savings come from more than reduced HVAC use – the fan itself uses very little power compared to other ceiling fans.

Haiku’s stunning minimalist design is sleek and contemporary, while still appealing in any space, from a modest, mid-century ranch house to an ultra-modern, net-zero home. Haiku is available in a variety of materials, including natural Moso bamboo, aircraft-grade aluminum or durable matrix composite with a variety of hardware finishes to match any décor. Building on the Big Ass Fans reputation for quality, Haiku with SenseME elevates the ceiling fan from an antiquated fixture to an energy-saving smart home appliance.

Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

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