“The Argo”, Conceptual Boat Design Has Won Bio 21 Quality Concept Award

The new touring boat designed for touring the waters of Ljunljanica River in Slovenia is surely a designer masterpiece. The boat named as “The Argo” can be termed as an eye candy as design wise it’s a beauty and is equivalent to what a convertible is to cars. The boat has primarily been designed to capture the picturesque locales of the surrounding areas of Ljunljanica River and being opened without any boundaries as it represents openness. Also the lack of boundaries depicts the closeness it can find to nature. This conceptual design has also won the BIO 21 Quality Concept Award. I must admit it deserves the same.

bio 21 the argo boat design

bio 21 the argo boat design

Designer : Jernej Jaroslav Kropej via DesignEast

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thomasstrome says: November 15, 2012

This can be a good way to earn more if only long island used boats are converted into something like this one. Imagine a floating food stall that can fit in a group of people, isn't that fantastic?

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