Aerotel with Hanging Gardens Above Water by Alexander Asadov

The new concept “Aerotel” by Russian Architect Alexander Asadov, is something that can be realized anywhere in the world be it reservoirs or oceans. This 200m wide design also includes hanging gardens above water, and within the structure hotel and café, restaurants etc. The hotel can be accessed via bank side or the airstrips on the deck. One of the advantages as per the architect is that the construction cost is significantly lesser as compared to gravel works and also the ecological value as the basin area under the construction does not come under contact. With significant interests coming from many Arab investors, the project may soon be a reality.

aero hotel

aero hotel

The project is an alternative for the man-made islands. It could be realized in any water area – from town lakes to the ocean seashores.

The main advantages are:
1. Much less construction cost (in comparison with man-made islands) for the full recreation complex.
2. All the water territory under the structure stays free from total construction.
3. There are two levels for relaxation – on the water (with several ponds of fresh and sea water) and in the air (the hanging hotel with a “web park”)

The construction consist of the ring membrane, stretched on arms and fixed on 3 supports, coming to the bottom. The arms structure forms a “web park” with pedestrian roads and some plants – some kind of “hanging gardens”. Inside the membrane there could be a hotel with cafes, restaurant and winter gardens. You could reach this hotel two ways – from water (by escalator along the support) or from sky – by airship (there are special mooring areas on the ring for them)

aero hotel

aero hotel

aero hotel

Designer : Alexander Asadov

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3 thoughts on “Aerotel with Hanging Gardens Above Water by Alexander Asadov

  1. Ideal locales for this are:

    SF Bay CA, No CA

    Boston Harbor

    NYC Harbor

    San Pedro, LA CA.

    Monterrey Bay CA.

    Vic BC.

    Hong Kong, China


    New Orleans LA


    Id stay here, love to have a office & condo in this complex,

    Very Radical & Neat.

    add surface Wind Farms & Solar farm on saucer complex above for Max power.

    & seabased Aquaculture farm a very viable city at sea.


    Id love to see one as 1 Hotel complex for Demo & Testing alone IE Hilton, Marriott.

  2. wow my eys are ameazed that is some thing so buetifull i hope this comes true hope to be ther if or wen they open it is licke a place wer u can forget all your probems and stres.

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