Signal Life Jacket Features SOS Balloon for Faster Rescue

Life Jacket is a personal flotation device to keep wearer afloat in water may be either conscious or unconscious. Unfortunately, sometimes, keep its wearer afloat is not enough, that’s why we need something like Signal Life Jacket. It’s a conceptual life jacket with an SOS balloon, it aims to create better safety equipment where the balloon can turn into an obvious signal above sea level where rescuer can identify and save the victim fast.

In a boat accident, yes, lifejacket can save your life, but with endless rise and fall of the water surface, not to mention the cold, you won’t last long. It would be difficult for rescuer team to get your exact your position, but with this concept safety equipment, it would be easier to identify yourself by activating the SOS balloon. Simply pull down the emergency grip hook on the front to release air cylinder on the back. The air cylinder and the connection cord, made from high-tenacity nylon material, will quickly fill the balloon with helium, allowing it to float about 20-meter high above the water, there’s an intermittent LED warning light as well. Signal Life Jacket uses non-absorbent, high density soft foam material and possess built-in buoyancy, allowing you to float well.

Designer : Huang Ko Ping

Signal Life Jacket by Huang Ko Ping

Signal Life Jacket by Huang Ko Ping

Signal Life Jacket by Huang Ko Ping

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6 thoughts on “Signal Life Jacket Features SOS Balloon for Faster Rescue

  1. Been trying to build one of these types of designs for the last 3 years…This Design CANNOT be built practically. That is why you only see concept art. TO MUCH WEIGHT for what would have to be a fire extinguisher sized super high pressure container of helium. Beautiful IDEA!!! but only a concept

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