Digital Reflex Camera by Yaniv Berg

As part of “Business Class” course, Yaniv designed a new form of professional camera called Digital Reflex Camera (DSLR). It has totally different shape from current cameras that you know. As project during his 3rd year as an industrial design student in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, this DSLR concept is designed with its body and lens as continuation to elongate the camera body. This industrial designer got the inspiration from the use of the old reflex cameras where the eyepiece is located at the top of the camera. So, what do you think?

Yaniv says “The camera body and lens was designed as a continuation that connects to it, creating an elongated body curved end , that turns to the user interface along the side of the camera there is another interface which control the details of photography. I wanted to make a refreshing change at the accepted form of professional cameras,to soften it, but to maintain its professional appearance.

Through the use of camera I wanted to get different photography experience. I took inspiration from the use of the old reflex cameras, that the eyepiece was located at the top of the camera, and the photographer was cradling the camera close to his stomach during photography. So, I designed the camera to match the pose I was looking for , in the ergonomic sense.

Experience continues when you want to view the photos, when turning the camera, the interface turns to image display mode, the display is rotating 180 degrees and the screen is directed toward the observer.

Designer : Yaniv Berg
The Advisor of the project : Eyal Cremer & Michel Shahnai
Photos : Sash Flit.

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

DSLR Digital Reflex Camera

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3 thoughts on “Digital Reflex Camera by Yaniv Berg

  1. Neat. No more twitching eye at eyepiece, bent neck, lifting camera to eye-height or sitting even for mid height shots.

    One Issue that I see is accomodating larger display screen in that form factor.

    Idea: Can have screen (even larger ones) at side of this tube, that can be flip opened and twist-turned, just like camcorder screen.

  2. Who ever design this has no clue what so ever about photography its as lame as a p&s but really big.
    No one that is serious about photography will ever use this.

  3. Ilike this . Ive been taking photo since I wa a young girl I got my first camera of my very own when I was a junior in high school a gift from my father. moved to digital when they first became availible . If this was available to me at an afordable I’d give it a try

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