Solar Powered Notebook Concept

This solar notebook concept is a laptop with complete power independent. Its independence is due to powerful batteries that are recharged by wide Solar Panel attached to the computer. Equipped with satellite link GPS, internet access, and satellite telephone which makes this device not only power independent but also universal tool for communication and exchange information literally from any spot on the planet.

The solar panel may be completely detached from the main body to be put away for recharging, then smaller battery inside the computer is on. This small battery is recharged with solar power too when DC is plugged in.

This sure do will come in handy for scientists or researchers who work far away from civilization and power source.

solar notebook concept

future solar notebook concept

solar notebook independent power source

green tech solar notebook concept

Designer : Nikola Knezevic

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hawaziah says: March 18, 2008

Solar Laptop..OMG!

Markus says: July 11, 2008

I love your site and think you guys should upload a video of what you are doing to They air "Green" videos and anyone doing anything green can upload their videos to them.

Keep up the great work!


Mark D. Archer says: August 27, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been hearing about your solar notebook computers and similar product being used/tested in remote regions in Africa. I am interested in its application for use with schools in their emergency evacuation plans. One concern that school administrators contend with is that of access to student data such as emergency contact information, etc.

Here at Brink Junior High School of Moore (Oklahoma) Public Schools, we would very much like to pilot a product such as yours to see if this is something we could use accross our District for use with crisis management.

I would greatly appreciate any information on how to acquire one of your solar notebook computers. Any information about this is appreciated.

I lok forward to hearing from you.

Mark Archer

Assistant Principal

Brink Junior High School

11420 S. Western Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Joe ratzinger says: August 30, 2008

I need ebook on solar panel design sent to my mail.

Graham Morfitt says: September 25, 2008

The power output of the solar panel isn't stated, but based on the size, I'm guessing it is in the 2 Watt range. This would mean that it would recharge a typical laptop battery in about 5 days of good summer weather. Which means that you would be limited to about 1/5 of the laptop battery max run time if you needed to use it every day. This would mean about 20-30 minutes by my calculation. Not bad for basic data upload, or quick email operations. But for simple tasks like this, why not just take your Blackberry, Palm Treo, or other palm-top computer instead? It would be a lot smaller, and easier to power from solar.

akshay rane says: October 5, 2008

the information about solar powered notebook is very very less. Though it's one of the best technology the mechanism, construction & working of this notebook must be given.

ABHIJEET SAHA says: February 4, 2009

It was good to see that solar power enabled laptop.

salim says: February 6, 2009

please send me more info on the solar panel labtop

jhon says: July 2, 2009

where can i buy this laptop? i can't find it on the market. has anyone know where are they selling or showing this laptop i want get one.

IIOP says: August 31, 2009


Vasil Mitevski says: September 16, 2009

please send me more info on the solar panel labtop

chunhui says: October 4, 2009


i like this note book

U.P.U.S. says: November 30, 2009

This is interesting for everyone, computers running on free energy… I really like your concept.

james braselton says: July 12, 2011

hi there yeah solar power and solid state flash drives for max benafits and have fast cpus and fast read write speeds

Modupe says: August 11, 2011

Wow! I have been thinking of this,it surely a great concept,africans needs it so much due to evryday blackout.

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