XNovo Three Wheeler from Sidam

After the popularity of three-wheelers is rising, started by Piaggio MP3, Gilero Fuoco and Vectrix, a French scooter importer Sidam try to enter the market by building another type of three-wheel scooter. But this time, instead of putting two wheels at the front, they decided to put the two wheels at the rear of the vehicle. Kinda remind me of Thai Tuk Tuk, but Xnovo concept is somehow some crossover between a minivan and Thai Tuk Tuk.

The design sketches seem to suggest that both rear wheels will be belt driven in the 500cc Piaggio-engined petrol version – although hybrid and fully electric versions are also on the cards, the latter featuring twin electric motors, one in each wheel hub. The luggage angle is definitely a big part of the concept fot Sidam.

We’ll wait to learn more as the Xnovo moves towards a launch date rumored to be late 2008. Price is expected to be around ?8000 for the 500cc model.

sidam xnovo

sidam xnovo three wheeler

sidam xnovo minivan

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5 thoughts on “XNovo Three Wheeler from Sidam

  1. well it is cool but i think 8k is really expensive in today's market and not to mention it looks like a copy of The Auto Moto check out this link http://theautomoto.com this trike gets 83mpg and only costs $3,800 that seams like more of a deal to me. But it is a nice try to copy what already out there. Wish them luck.

  2. There is a new website just for owners and potential buyers.

    Podlovers.com is a forum of owners of the three wheel XY150ZK vehicle.

    Many photos & "how-tos"

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