ETNA – Future Mobile Phone Concept by Maxie Pantel

Maxie Pantel has designed an eye-catching mobile phone concept. This design revolves around the charger unit. The eye-catching opening in the middle fulfills two functions: storing the phone and charging it. ETNA fits onto an adapter which is plugged directly into an electrical socket: the phone is charged via induction and an illuminated, colour-coded ring on the charger adapter shows the respective charging status. The mobile charger adapter is used to ?hang up? the phone, lending the mobile phone a permanent place in the apartment or office. With the help of the charger unit ETNA can easily be incorporated into daily tasks and routines. Hanging the mobile phone on the charger unit becomes a daily ritual, similar to hanging keys on a key hook.

etna future mobile phone concept

etna future mobile phone concept

Designer : Maxie Pantel

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