Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

Self Rescue Bracelet is a great floating device for swimmers, especially when you usually swim alone. During emergency situation or if user is having difficulties in water e.g. leg cramps, he or she can activate this floating device simply by pulling. This action will make compressed air in the bracelet to expand rapidly to help its user floats while waiting for rescue team to arrive. The pulling action breaks the barrier between compressed air chamber and its surrounding chamber, thus the air will rush out and expand the bracelet into a floatation device. User can wear it as bracelet, very thin and light, it won’t interfere with swimmer’s activities in water. Too bad it’s still a concept at the moment.

Designers : Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

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139 thoughts on “Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

  1. This product can be used for kids? I’m interested. Please let me know details and where to buy it on line?
    Thank you

  2. Hi. Like the concept. Has protype testing been completed. Looking forward to getting more information on development status. Thanks

  3. This may be the ultimate solution to drowning problem and save thousands of lives. It is a great idea and should be quick for production.

  4. There are small wrist bracelets with automatic inflatables contained in a small pack for sale on Amazon. But none as small as this. Is this a concept, or an actual product. The concept is excellent, but it would be good to see the reality. Thank you.

  5. I would like to become a distributor for Florida USA. Please let me know where to get information. Thank you

    Karin B.

  6. This is a hoax. Anything you can put on as a bracelet will not be large enough to hold sufficient that would keep a child afloat.
    You're better off taking a long balloon, fill it vinegar, clip halfway with a food bag clip then fill the rest of the balloon with baking soda. Next, place the balloon in your pants and pull on the food bag clip in an emergency.
    Your pants will come off and everyone will be alerted to the unsightly occurrence.
    Be innovative and replace the balloon with a sealed PVC tube if you want something bigger.

  7. Hello.

    I’m very interested in your product and would like to promote it in Israel,

    Please advise when it will be possible to obtain more relevant information.

  8. Please send info on this bracelet. My husband is disabled but loves the water. I can place him in the pool by myself; however, my greatest worry is if something should happen, that he is able to keep his head above water. He is paralyzed on the left side of his body but has strength on right side. An attached floater that allows him freedom of movement is a great idea

  9. I am very interested in your product. But I don’t understand the exact working principle of ‘floating device’. Please note that there may be restrictions on customs clearance at the time of import into your country, so please reply to this working principle to my mail.

    Thank you.

  10. What a fantastic and brilliant idea. I am very interested in your product, would you send me more details.and to supply me in a bulk prices. Kind regards David

  11. Hi, I’m Portuguese and I am interested in your product.

    Let me know more information about it.


    João Baptista

  12. Hi, l would love to market your product here in Durban South Africa. Please send me more information on how to go about it.

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