Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

Self Rescue Bracelet is a great floating device for swimmers, especially when you usually swim alone. During emergency situation or if user is having difficulties in water e.g. leg cramps, he or she can activate this floating device simply by pulling. This action will make compressed air in the bracelet to expand rapidly to help its user floats while waiting for rescue team to arrive. The pulling action breaks the barrier between compressed air chamber and its surrounding chamber, thus the air will rush out and expand the bracelet into a floatation device. User can wear it as bracelet, very thin and light, it won’t interfere with swimmer’s activities in water. Too bad it’s still a concept at the moment.

Designers : Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

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142 thoughts on “Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

    • I would like buy this self rescue bracelet to comerce it in my country

      I live in Montevide,Uruguay (south america)

      Could you send me email to contact you?

  1. Please provide me with more information on the self rescue bracelet.

    – where can this be purchased?

    – price?

    – design?

    – age group?

    Thank you

  2. Dear Sir / Madame,

    Great this ; )!!!

    How can I order this Self Rescue Bracelet to Netherlands & Aruba Dutch Caribbean ?

    And what the price for this bracelet?

    Greetings & Thanks

  3. Hi, I am in the fire service I live in Missouri and I am very interested in possibly selling these devices here in the Midstates I am surrounded by rivers and lakes and feel this safety device would do well in this area

  4. I’m very interested to that product and I want to promote it in Greece and Europe. Is it available?

  5. Everybody- READ THE ARTICLE. It’s says that it is only still just a concept. It is not real and not for sale anywhere!

  6. Hi,

    Are you producing the self inflating rescue bracelet yet, as would be very interested in importing them.

    Please can you let me know.


    James king

  7. I lost my step-son to what they call a shallow water drowning in November and had he been wearing this, he just might have been saved. The idea popped in my head this morning and in searching I found your product. How is it going? Will it be developed?
    The back story is he was free diving in a spring when he passed out. His friend saw him pass out and dove in to help but he was too heavy for her to pull up and by the time she got help he had drifted down too far for anyone to reach without dive equipment. If he had just worn this wristlet, she may have been able to pull it to assist in getting him up and out. Thank you for working on this and I sure hope it is successful. If it is, I plan to bring awareness in my son's honor. I think it is an easy bracelet to wear and so more people just might wear it and hopefully save more lives. Thank you!

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