Ruby Rocking Chair Design was Inspired by Super Human Body

Ruby rocking chair isn’t just a traditional rocking chair. Pouyan Mokhtarani, the designer of this chair things, this chair concept is some kind of peculiar torturing device that have particular water-filled cushions for every butt cheek. Ruby chair is outfitted with two huge liquid pillows at the seating area that distributes the pressure of your body weight and decrease the temperature of your certain body areas. Pushing the clutch will allow you to rock the chair slowly and continuously doing that will offer a faster rock. By reviewing all the calculations and graphics done by Mokhtarani, Ruby rocking chair is really going to be an icon of comfort.

ruby rocking chair

ruby rocking chair

ruby rocking chair

ruby rocking chair

ruby rocking chair

ruby rocking chair

Designer : Pouyan Mokhtarani via [Dvice]

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kayla brook says: April 16, 2009

A-MAZING….love it!

Dr.Dhananjaya Bhupat says: May 9, 2009

please, quote the rates in Indian Rupees while displaying the chairs in ur website.

The designs are awesome and safe support to spinal cord in a sitting posture.

Engineer says: September 16, 2010

awesom design and concept! would be interesting to see it in action!

aidan says: December 1, 2011


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