Ripple Bluetooth Headset Design Looks Like an Earring

Ripple is a concept Bluetooth headset, specially designed to deliver smooth, loud and clear sound wave at wireless convenience. The rubber earring clasp allows the headset to attach with the earlobe just like an earring. In this way, it has a clear minimal look, rather any weighty over ear hooks that will certainly down your style. There are two ways to activate the headset: you can activate the talk function by flipping down its microphone, or you can activate the listening function to enjoy music by pressing the center button.

ripple headset

ripple headset

ripple headset

ripple headset

Designer : Ilya Fridman

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V says: November 15, 2009

Either it comes with a wide array of shapes and sizes and colors, or the wearer could hang earrings on it.

Brianna says: October 17, 2013

Really looks like a earring and I don’t think that girls need to wear extra earrings because everyone can use this as a earrings as well. So it’s really interesting and hopefully girls will look forward to buy this as early as possible. Thanks mate.

Liv says: March 19, 2016

Where can you buy these

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