RCA Sleek, Super Cool, Sustainable and Futuristic Concept Cars

Have you ever imagined driving a super cool car on your city roads that can knock out others? Well, RCA have unveiled sleek sustainable concept cars composed of aerodynamic glass or with a split framework mimicking a motorcycle and sidecar. The Royal College of Arts has recently showcased auto designs which are sleek and cutting edge concepts ready to steal your heart away. Their display included electric engines to ultra-lightweight materials to driver less navigation system. Most of the cars are 1-seater or 2-seaters. Some of the designs are so amazing that you just cannot wait to bring them home.

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

Enigma concept by Paul Howse

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

Iomega concept by Joonas Vartola

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

Winner: Airflow concept by Pierre Sabas

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

Phoenix concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva

rca sleek and sustainable car concept

Concept car by Ilaria Sacco

Source : Royal College of Art via DesignBoom

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stephen russell says: March 8, 2009

I favor Iomega concept & Airflow.
Id drive them Big time.
Very cool.

xyz says: October 1, 2009

faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic thinging.


Alexandra says: October 25, 2010

that people are pure genious. I need just look at that cars to know how much they will cost. Well , i hope MJ’s ghost will buy one :)

Jason says: April 25, 2016

Wowww, those are some pretty sweet rides. I’d love to see them on the road in the next few years!

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