Enjoy Open-Air Riding with Grillo Camping Trike

Grillo Camping Trike is an innovative vehicle that combines caravan’s comfort to the riding pleasure. The concept is based on the idea to create a rental vehicle for holiday. Its expressive and modern shape makes it unique in the universe of camping vehicles. Every detail, from the seat to the luggage rack, is the result of style and functionality. Grillo concept vehicle combines multifunctionality with an impressive easy of use. The trike structure guarantees more stability than scooter and contemporary offers pleasure of open-air riding. Some Grillo’s features are: several luggage rack studied to protect and contain as small as large objects, a cool space under seat to preserve freshness’ drinks and foods, an electric system to connect your mp3 reader. Finally, the back of vehicle begins a plane used as a table or a support for tent.

grillo camping trike

grillo camping trike

grillo camping trike

Designer : Chiara Ripalti and Ilaria Scipione

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