Russian Spacecraft Features The Thrusters and Landing Gear on Its Underside

This is the first look for all fellow space-geeks who want see some unique and amazing spacecraft. This spacecraft can carry four people be it cosmonauts or astronauts to moon and then again back to earth. According to some Russians, this spacecraft will be launched in 2018 or may be sooner than that and it is presently available for modification. It is absolutely safe and perfect for everyone because of its two-stage orbiter and lander design which seems same as American lunar missions.

russian european manned spacecraft by rkk energia

Russian aerospace writer and graphic designer Anatoly Zak has produced artist’s renderings of the new craft based on a design released by Russian manufacturer RKK Energia at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK last week.

In some respects, the capsule resembles America’s next-generation spacecraft Orion. The 18-to-20-tonne Russian-European vehicle is designed to carry six crew into low-Earth orbit and four on missions to lunar orbit.

One of the most unusual features about the capsule appear to be the thrusters and landing gear on its underside. Mr Zak said it would use these engines to soften its landing on Earth after the fiery re-entry through our atmosphere.

russian european manned spacecraft by rkk energia

Designer : RKK Energia via BBC

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One thought on “Russian Spacecraft Features The Thrusters and Landing Gear on Its Underside

  1. Love 2 see this in Mockup form.

    & have Sim Rides to Instant Lunar Base idea.

    Need a bigger ELV with SRBs for Launch or reusable ELV Mode.

    Love to see Test flights alone.

    US should adopt capsule?

    (need Orion backup).

    All we need now is a Pvt Funded Orbital Space Hotel complex.

    For 30.

    I dubb this capsule CHEKOV 1 for Ens Pavel Chekov from Star Trek.

    Below PR sites for capsule:

    Science Museums

    NASM, Wash DC

    Air shows

    Science shows

    Rocketry clubs

    Sci Fic Channel

    Discovery Channel

    JPL, Pasadena CA.

    Houston TX Manned Space.

    KSC FL.

    Edwards AFB FTC CA

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