RKS Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine Offers a Safer, Less-Painful, Tattoo Experience

Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine is the result of cooperation between RKS Design and Neuma. This latest evolution of Neuma tattoo machine was born because of Carson Hill's (the creator of neuma) desire to constantly push for improvement. With the help of RKS, Neuma has revolutionized the tattoo industry and usher in a new age of artistry, comfort, and safety. Neuma hybrid tattoo machine comes in small package and weighs less than half as much as traditional coil machines, yet this machine is very pow...
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Transpiral is A Tramway with Spiral Structure

Spiral is a fascinating concept structure that can be compared with the nature and universe. The concept is to design a Tramway as a combined element leaving out-of-the-way the idea of interior and exterior. Integrating all the parts is the main intention, opening up in the way the inner side to the outer. This structure embraces the inner side with the outer, working as a unifying nexus. All the working elements of the interior emerge from this structure and the outer design is also dictated by...
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Futuristic Honda Zeppelin Luxury Sports Sedan Concept Was Inspired by An Airship

Myung Jin Jung, who is studying in car design course of Hongik University, has designed the Honda Zeppelin, a luxurious futuristic sedan car as his final year thesis. As the name suggests, this splendid car was partially inspired by airships. The mass impression of this car was achieved by combining soft volume elements of an airship and potent lines that are commonly found in luxurious automobiles. The symmetric styling of this Honda Zeppelin is an extraordinary feature which can run from the h...
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After The Post Office : Re-Imagining New Services, New Contexts

After the post office is a product concept that is designed during the 3 years BA Hons. marketing course. This product design is an efficient concept design that will introduce new service contexts aiming to provide a service that can replace the conventional post offices. This concept follows few steps to accomplish its objective. The mobile segment is transported to the desired location by van and trolley is being used to move it. After reaching the destination, the mobile segment is pushed to...
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Link Urban Modular Scooter System for Better Environment

Link urban scooter system is a modular transportation solution that you can retrofit with the present Streetscape Smart Poles. Anton Grimes has designed this superb concept electronic scooter and will be available for hire from a hub to ride to the preferred destination. After reaching there, users have to return it to another hub for recharging. Grimes have used the existing light poles to reduce the expenses of the unit and offers strong anchors that are able to carry both power and telecommun...
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Protector Three Wheeled Motorcycle Concept by Tryi Yeh

Motorcycle is the most popular means of transportation in Taiwan but it is remarkable that among the huge number of variety of motorcycles, there is none for a child. Tryi Yeh is a specially designed motorcycle for woman and a child with a smooth surface. This superb looking motorcycle will reduce the possibility of dangerous hit and the length is reduced with its stretch advanced seat. The latest three wheel design of this motorcycle is more steady and nimble than conventional two wheel motorcy...
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Moixa Sphere : The World Is In Your Hand

Moixa has developed an apple sized device, named Sphere, with multi-touch feature allows a user to surf the world like Google Earth, control interactive games and browse web pages. Sphere can display an interactive map of world and can be recharged by releasing a leaf like petal. You will be able to zoom, select and rotational and gyroscopic tasks with its multi-touch interactions. Sphere is a sign of expanding IP collection of geometric forms that reorganize the axioms of portable advanced comp...
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Fit Portable Exercise Bike Can Maintain Your Record of Exercise Program and Performance History

Fit exercise bike is a personal gym concept, designed by Jorge Gomes, which will allow you to stay healthy smartly. This stylish domestic exercise bike ensures your fitness like a gymnastic and this is why it is called Fit. This product will let you get rid of neck, spine and muscular pains that is usually derive while exercising. This exclusive exercise bike is outfitted with tracking systems and physical control that works in with a USB pen-drive. Fit can maintain your record of exercise progr...
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Kos Faraway Pool Gives You More Than A Ritual Bathroom Place

KOS faraway pool is a floor leveled bathtub concept designed by Ludovica and Robert Palomba. KOS is bringing together the finest Faraway collection and is offering this concept spa through which a bathroom will no longer be a ritual place, rather it will become a dedicated space for multi-sensory wellbeing. This pool has integrally blended the features and aesthetics by transforming typical functional items into geometric particulars of great beauty. The steps through which a user will come down...
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IziBi Folding Bike by Renato Gschwend

When we saw IziBi for the first time in our inbox, we really like it. IziBi is a compact, stylish and portable mountain bicycle which is specially designed for extremists with single rear and front suspension. The frame is made of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer and the direct drive mechanism is made of aluminum alloy which is not only strong but also reduces the maintenance expenses. You will be able to fold the bicycle entirely by simply pressing the top and bottom switches on the frame and ...
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Lightning Hybrids LH3 Car Concept Will Be Available in 2010

Lightning Hybrids is a well known automotive manufacturing and research company that is going to develop LH3, a 100 MPG hydraulic-biodiesel hybrid car. Prototype manufacturing of this car started in January 2009 planned for finishing before the Denver Auto Show that is going to be held during 1st to 5th April 2009. Manufacturing of this car is expected to start in 2010 in Loveland, Colorado. The LH3 will be powered with a 90 HP BioDiesel/Diesel engine which is currently rated in Europe at 90 MPG...
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NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner Product Review

NeatReceipts is a handy device that works as a mobile scanner and a digital filing system with latest software and proprietary industrial design. This device is able to extract key information automatically from the scanned receipts and can directly export to Excel, TaxCut, Quickbooks and many more. The digital scanner can scan IRS-received digital copies and can make tax preparation on a snap. This device doesn’t require an AC adapter since its USB interface provides the required power to ope...
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Snowcorn Bracelet with Built-in Projector, A Camera, and WiFi Connectivity

Snowcorn is a bracelet like concept device with sixth sense which includes a built-in projector, a camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, this device can be placed anywhere on around your neck or chest. The transparent part of this device is a screen that can show basic functions or time and more complicated controls are done by the projected UL. You will be able to customize it with your desired color and style. This device will allow you to scan a business card to include the person's partic...
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D:Scribe Digital Pen Helps You Send Emails and SMS by Writing It Down on Paper

D:Scribe is a digital fountain pen designed by Reuben Png, a student of New South Wales University, that will allow you to send email messages and SMS from paper. All you have to do is write down the message by using the keyboard or keypad, whatever you name it, and circle the name of the person to send it in a more personalized way of communicating. You can access the previously written messages through a computer since the pen records everything you write. To express your thoughts freely, this...
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Folding Knives by William Woods

Folding knives concept is a fun but useful project by William Woods. Pocketknives are always being considered as a handy gadget for serving various purposes. The designer has used the technology to develop a superb product that will assist opening blade and have blade locks. The main goal of this concept is to blend strategic utilities and elegant lines with latest folding knife technology SARTF which means Search and Rescue Task Force. (more…)...
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