YikeBike Super Light Electric Folding Bike Releases New Fusion Model

An innovative Fusion Model has been unveiled by the Christchurch Company that already developed the electric folding YikeBike. This new model is slightly heavy than the innate carbon fibre bike, however it is slightly lighter on the pocket. While the...
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TrakRok ATV Trike by Alexei Mikhailov Is Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The TrakRok is a terrain vehicle which provides a new alternate plan intended for off-road mobility in all seasons. It comes under the category of trike. It consists of enables to have two wheels and is driven independently by electric motors. It has...
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SÜZ-GEÇ Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

SÜZ-GEÇ has put an end to the problems caused due to the traditional funnel used as an indispensible kitchen appliance. Formed by the habitué funnel cut into 2 pieces vertically, the only difference between the 2 funnels is that one does the same ...
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Futuristic Volkswagen Aqua Air-Cushion Vehicle

Volkswagen Aqua is a Chinese off-road based vehicle. It has an imminent approach of futuristic means of transportation powered by hydrogen and driven by impeller. It functions with several engines and the major one drives the fan and is accountable f...
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ATUM : Modern Conceptual Circular Saw Design

Circular saw can be complicated and heavy. Dan Allen, an industrial designer tried to redesign this power tool, he thought that circular saws we have on the market are very uninviting to the eyes. That’s why he came up with ATUM, an ultra modern co...
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ElliptiGO 3C Bike : It’s Like Running On Air!

Riding the new ElliptiGO 3C bike is like running on air. It acts as drivable gym equipment, which gives you excellently toned calves and thighs. ElliptiGO 3C is unlike other traditional way of cycling, which lets you bike and jog at one. The innovati...
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Futuristic Mercedes-Benz Aria Timeless Design by Slavche Tanevski

Slavche Tanevski, an automotive designer of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany has come out with an exceptional concept, The Mercedes-Benz Aria. The main goal was to design a sedan with a timeless design, which could combine a lust...
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Ambient Alerts Will Update You About Your Car’s Condition Like A Heartbeat

As an excellent alternative to the existing engine warning lights, Ambient Alerts have been unveiled. This helps drivers to diagnose faults within a car, in case it occurs. The problem with the existing systems is that they show very scanty informati...
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Elegant Bamboo Fountain Was Inspired by Asian Fountains

Boasting an elegant look is the new Bamboo Fountain, a high-end tap inspired by Asian fountains. To avoid any waste in the sink, the water flows gracefully in a slow fashion. The tap incorporates a purifying cartridge that helps clean the water from ...
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Donax Headphones Design Was Inspired by The Shells

Donax headphones were inspired by the "Donax" shells. Most of us can’t resist the idea of listening to the sound that a big seashell produced when we found one on the beach. Designed by Apostol Tnokovski, our small ritual provoked this industrial d...
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One-Person Hybrid Vehicle For Recreational Use by Facundo Elias

This futuristic vehicle is an excellent one-hybrid vehicle developed mainly to carry 2 different technologies including one for combustion and other one for an electric. In terms of the vehicle's internal combustion engine, it features 160 cc 4-strok...
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Ferrari Motorcycle Helmet Features Genuine Leather Trim and Embossed Ferrari Logo

As an honor to the momentous Maranello tradition, NewMax introduced the all-new Ferrari style helmet. Making the helmet more abrasion-resistant as well as easier to clean is the magnificent satin finish aluminum plus metalized thermoplastic detains a...
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Easy Express Emotion Bed By Hyun-Seok Kim

Hyun-Seok Kim doesn’t want to be known only for his yacht design. This time, his submission is a unique bed concept which can help the users express their emotions when they go to bed. Easy Express Emotion Bed (EEE) design is curved in horizontal w...
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Safe House by KWK Promes Will Completely Isolate You From The Outside World

A team of architects has come up with a crucial safety zone, the Safe House, which is built over the outskirts of Warsaw in Poland. The house is completely secure when compared to any other above-ground home. With a touch of few buttons, the whole bu...
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Immersive Cocoon Offers Intuitive and Holistic Digital Experience

Imagine a visual audio environment that recreates the 3-dimensional space we comprehend in our day-to-day lives, where our work becomes more enjoyable and focused. This is what exactly the Immersive Cocoon offers. It is a concept study meant for an a...
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