Eddy : Suction Excavator by Maciej Puzon

They say good things come in small packages, for example the latest offering named as Eddy, which is nothing but suction excavator, which has a main body with a suction pump coming out from the rear. The device has a working range of 1000 mm semi circular radius and it comes out as a good handy tool as it can be used via remote control with the user at a different location. It also has the option wherein the main body can be connected to bigger storage vehicles thus increasing its capacity. Well...
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Night Day Backpack by Vanessa Marie

The new backpack designed by Brooklyn based designer student Vanessa Marie is surely a practical solution for all those who have security concerns while riding their bicycles late at night. The designer being a cyclist herself was inspired to design this backpack which she rightly calls 'Night Day Backpack'. It is versatile and chic. The flaps placed on the back have magnets inside them ensuring that they are in place whenever, one jumps over those bumps on the road and the added advantage is th...
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Classy Black Tima Watch Design Concept

The new watch design by French designer Julien Bergignant is a nice concept which sure is second name of convenience. The watch made from electronic paper, is called Tima watch and can simultaneously display both digital as well as analog time. The good part is that the watch can show two different time zones together though the display is simultaneous. Looks wise too, the watch comes quite chic as the color chosen being black which of course by all means has a very rich and classy look. Thus, o...
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Recyclable Tempo External Hard Drive Concept by Cagnina Design

What does it come to mind when one thinks of an external hard drive, the shape and size that comes to mind is the ugly square boxes with cables and other connecting device. Enter innovation in the form of the new external hard drive concept by Kansas based Argentine Industrial designer Franco Marino Cagnina is cool and funky to say the least. One would be mistaken for it to be a tumbler, but this designer has really carved out the extra ordinary out of the ordinary design and the other encouragi...
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Tea Orbz : Modern Tea Kettle by Daniel Bailey

The new kettle design by Daniel Bailey is a perfect example of tradition meeting modernity. The device is used to make tea but in the traditional Chinese way. It consists of two boading balls of which one is the induction cooker while the other is the one used to store water. Traditionally boading balls have been used as a stress relieving tool, so first the water is filled and closed, after which the cooker heats up the water. So relieve stress as the tea is made, and then enjoy the tea to comp...
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XE Tricycle Bike, Health and Fun Are Combined In One Unique Experience

The new concept tricycle which uses the XE experience is both an electric bike while being an exercise-cycle. The overall design just like the thought is quite innovative as one need to exercise using the cycle which charges the batteries to be able to utilize the services of the tricycle. So one can say that this is quite a green concept, as in doing this change over there has been no pollution and the unique shape encourages to keep using/exercising extensively, thus, having fun on the drive. ...
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iBite Sports Car Concept with Ocean as The Inspiration

The new car concept design by Iman Maghsoudi for Local Motors Competition is named as iBite and as the name suggests it sure bites some metal. The overall design as per the designers is nothing but improvising on the Toyota Prius Hybrid platform as the base and just developing the same along with other beauties thus resulting in a designer marvel. After using that as the base platform, add to it the design elements of Lotus 7 and then on top of it placing two surfing boards as the part of its bo...
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Roofus, Snow Mowing Robot with Remote Controls

Its winters and it's that time when all the pathways are clogged with snow, and one needs to clear the same to make way. The new snow mowing robot called Roofus seems to be a welcome change as this small monster can do work equivalent to 25 workers. Apart from this it also comes with other extensions which can be used for other activities like land mowing, plow ending, road cleaning etc. So with so many options available it is surely a good all purpose tool which also comes with remote controls ...
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Aston Martin “One-77″ Limited Edition

"Style" can be a small word for this beautifully designed car. It is surely going to be the world's most desirable automotive art form. Marek Reichmann along with his team has designed "One-77", a car known to be faster than any current Aston Martin. Whether you talk about the looks or interiors, everything is just amazing. The significance of the One-77 name, which won't be used for production cars, is that Aston intends to build no more than 77 cars. The exact number is believed to have been c...
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Airgo : Measures The Harmful Particles In The Air That You Breathe

This new concept device is used to create awareness amongst the people regarding the global warming and its effects. The device measures the harmful contents present in the air, thus letting the user know of the air that they breathe and hence leading them to be a responsible citizens. The device can be purchased off the shelf in fashionable stores and the manufacturers have given the universally acceptable white color, thus it can easily go off as a fashion accessory and making a personal state...
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Gym Concept Car Inspires You to Exercise

The concept car design by Coventry University design student Da Feng is something that is far more than just a fragment of imagination. Made from carbon fiber frame, GYM as this concept car is called as a single seat concept car. This concept car is designed by being inspired by a gym as the car is more like a mini gymnasium. The adjustable seat and pedal are placed in a manner that the usage of the same makes the driver feel as if he is in a gym. So if you missed your morning exercise routine, ...
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Helios Car Concept by Kim Gu-Han

If looks could kill, then the new concept car Helios by Kim Gu-Han can be said to be a killer. On the first look it looks more like a frill necked lizard waiting for its prey which is nothing but cells to soak solar energy. By looks of it, one can say that the designer has been inspired by nature as just like the reptiles spread its wing out to control the temperature and the solar energy is captured in the same. It's an electric car, powered by solar energy and when in motion, it is more of a ...
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C9-S Berlinetta Sports Car Toy by Automoblox

As they say catch them young and watch them grow! The C9-S Berlinetta by Automoblox seems like going on this famous line, if one looks at the line up of sports car based toys that has been designed. The models are exact replica of the cars that one sees on the road and with it being life size. It's as if all the dreams for the kids will come true. The toy maker has given options with variants just like the regular automakers. This proves the fact that in this competitive toy market, making toys ...
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Schwimmhaus : Floating House by Confused Direction

The houseboat designed by German based architects "Confused-Direction" is one that can be floated around or kept on the shore. Confused Direction, a young co-op design firm founded by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkerman, comes out with refreshing concepts and designs which can be termed revolutionary if not bizarre! The houseboat called Schwimmhaus or floating house in German is an eco-friendly house that looks chic design wise too. Still in its design phase, it is still unclear if the same will see...
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An Eco Friendly Superheroes Car : Let’s Go Get The Bad Guys !

The new concept super car designed by Matus Prochaczka is something that is picked just out of the comic book. In fact this concept was designed for the Toon Studio of Beverly Hills and is going to be used for characters depicting Superheroes. The car can be said to be depicting the overall styling of a superhero right from the exterior design to the interiors. One can say by looking at it, that this car is waiting to fly off, the aerodynamic design of the car is what one can say is nearest to j...
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