Bediator Provides An Intelligent Room Heating Mechanism With Style

Bediator is an intelligent heating system designed to provide a warm and healthy room condition, while being energy efficient enough to eliminate the huge fuel bills of the owner that requires to run a conventional radiator. Bediator is actually a stylish retractable floor on which users can lay down comfortably and can be activated through a simple push on the side button. The green hole on the side circulates cool air during summer and warm in the winter to keep a comfortable condition in the ...
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KARDIS K6.9 Speedboat Makes Sea Surfing Faster and More Exciting

KARDIS K6.9 is a next-generation vessel that has been designed like cyborg robots to become an ultimate icon of speed, comfort and futuristic boat design. The two powerful engines and it’s extremely ultra-light body allows it to attain more speed than most of the others in its category. The interior features revolutionary layout along with versatile facilities such as the transformable backseat giving the riders a comfort of an ultimate sunbed. The main inspiration of KARDIS came from the extr...
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Jet Spray Can Make Firefighting Safer and More Efficient

Jet Spray is an extraordinary and functional fire fighting tool concept that eliminates the conventional water spraying mechanism from an outer source after a complex, hectic and inefficient effort of reaching the spot, especially high raised skyscrapers. Jet spray features a detachable hose that firefighters will shoot into the fire zone via compressed gas power and then connect the other end to the water source; the nozzle will automatically start spraying water in all directions. To make it ...
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FLEXI is An All-in-One Lighting Solution for Outdoor Use

When going for outdoor camping, the thing people never forget to take is a flashlight along with additional ambient light source and FLEXI is an innovative flashlight concept that works as both. Flashlights are more useful for directional lighting task than lighting larger areas, FLEXI provides both directional light and ambient illumination for convenient cooking and other activities of the campers. The concept is made of thin rectangular silicon pad, fitted with powerful and less power consumi...
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LG Design the Future Contest Calls Innovative and Futuristic Mobile Phone Designs

LG Mobile Phones, in association with crowdSPRING, an online marketplace for creative services, and Autodesk, the leading 2D and 3D design and engineering software producer, has announced the third LG annual design the future contest to characterize the future of mobile communication. The main goal of the innovative effort is to give the opportunity to the consumers to design a revolutionary next-generation LG mobile phone that reflects their passion and fulfill their future requirements. This y...
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Mo-Du-Lo Bike With Its Three Different Modes, Meets The Commuting Requirement For All

The Mo-Du-Lo car is an innovative concept, aiming to offer users an ultimate solution for any type of commuting by featuring three versions, each with different attributes. The Mo version is a monocycle for one rider that has no motor, instead, features pedals like unicycle. The Du version comprises the basic form of the car that houses two riders and the ability to attach two Mo’s to become a six-wheel car. The central axis of the car contains the storage and electric energy producing area an...
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Rescue Balloon Helps Locating Campers or Hikers Lost in Deep Forest

When campers or hikers are lost in a forest or had an accident, the main barrier to rescue them is the difficulty to find out their exact location due to the heavy tree canopies of the forest. Rescue balloon is a simple locating concept device that features a tubular balloon filled with helium gas which can be inflated easily through a rubber made nozzle with magnets. This balloon is compact enough to get through the gaps between the tree branches and rise above the canopy, making it easier for ...
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The Stylish and Innovative Lighting System Offers Stunning Commercial Interior

The lighting system concept is a flexible, modular, ambiance and stylish lighting system that is designed to give commercial interiors a brand new look. The concept is made of dual layer white polycarbonate slanted sheets with an appearance like conventional boat sails. Between these two layers, lights have been inserted and are attached on the inside layer. The upper layer is incised in stripes through which lights glow in a unique manner with great aesthetics. The units can feature different c...
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Sea Scooter Can Give Great Surfing Experience Even in No-Wave Sea

Sea scooter is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic concept water ride that can enhance the surfing and skating experience even on no-wave sea surfaces with great safety. The concept features a compact, yet powerful motor that can propel the scooter fast enough to replicate the feeling of surfing. Not only that, being constructed of lightweight composite materials and featuring a retractable pivot handle, the sea scooter is very much user-friendly and is easy to carry. Because of its compact sha...
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Window Refrigerator : See What’s Inside Without Open Your Fridge

The window refrigerator concept features 5 different cabinets to store different items, which may not sound much extraordinary; it offers the opportunity to see what is stored inside a cabinet before opening it. With a simple touch, the particular door will transform into transparent glass from opaque glass by letting the electricity pass through the magic glass and automatically turns smoothly around, which not only makes it convenient to find an item, but also saves a lot of energy. Moreover, ...
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Readot Can Transform Two Dimensional Images Into Tactile Presentation for Visually Impaired People

Readot is an innovative device concept that transforms text or images into a tactile representation for visually impaired people by featuring a series of pins that are raised and lowered to create the outcome. This device utilizes the Munsell Color System as a base for the eleven color definition in an image and the height of the pins differentiates colors that users can feel by touching. This job is done by a sensor ball that pushes the pins to the right height for a particular color. Moreover,...
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Zero Impact Vehicle Incorporates Innovative Two Wheel Green Design for Efficient City Use

The two-seater ZIV or Zero Impact Vehicle concept has been designed to offer a greener life style for busy urban environment by using recycled or reclaimed materials only. This futuristic vehicle is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that generates water only as the final mechanical waste that can be collected in a holding tank for later use. The motionless rim design makes the vehicle unique where the tire travels around the rim by utilizing maglev train like magnets that controls all propulsion a...
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With Water Sandwich, Flood Fighting Becomes More Convenient and Effective

Using sandbags to block floodwater is very much trendy and to eliminate the hassle associated with heavy and non-functional sandbags, water sandwich concept has been developed to make it easier for users to prepare and set up an efficient flood protection. The concept features two parts to fight floodwater – a supporting frame and an array of water filled bags. When flood occurs, the soft and flexible water filled bags are designed to press against one another, and against the doorframe and th...
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Unforgetablet Warns About Expiry of A Particular Food Inside The Refrigerator

Unforgetablet is another functional gadget that utilizes bar codes that is used on almost all the food people buy from supermarket and warns consumers about their expiry date by storing all their information before placing them in the refrigerator. All the food and beverages are registered along with the expiry date in the device before they are kept into the refrigerator; even users can set expiry dates for certain foods if they want. The device remains fixed on the refrigerator, showing necess...
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SENSE Gives The Opportunity To Touch a Product On The Computer Screen

SENSE is an innovative wireless device concept that enables users to get a close and more intuitive approach with their preferred sites, games and movies by creating a sensitive and powerful connection between the system and the users. By featuring a tact sensitive screen, this device creates a tactile experience of thermal, physical and haptical properties of a product on the computer screen. The users have to insert their hand in the SENSE sheath to perceive different object properties like...
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