Electropositive Three Wheeler Concept Vehicle as Urban Transportation

This Electropositive three wheeler concept vehicle was derived from the need of a personal electric vehicle for urban transportation. It features a brushless electric motor in every wheel which acts as a generator also when braking. The body panels of this superb vehicle are made of photovoltaic transparent polycarbonate and carbon fiber "exoskeleton". Normally, this is a single-seater vehicle but the luggage compartment behind the driver can easily accommodate a passenger if needed. When it's t...
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Carbon Chessboard by Dominik Scheurer & Partner

This innovative carbon chessboard is the world’s first carbon built chessboard specially designed by formula F1 designer Dominik Scheurer and his partner. The board is made of high quality steel feet, sterling silver, 24 carat gold and other carbon fiber materials. The exclusiveness of this unique design has achieved by the combination of high quality materials that are normally used in aerospace or motorsport objects. The dimension of the chessboard is 520mm X 520mm X 50mm which is made of 10...
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R.A.P.P.A : Rapid Area Petro and Pursuit Avant-Guard a.k.a. Future Highway Patrol Vehicle

R.A.P.P.A (Rapid Area Petrol & Pursuit Avant-Guard) is a concept highway patrol vehicle that is specially designed for the future petrol police. It features an amazing gesture control mechanism that has made it possible to turn the vehicle by leaning the driver to the required direction. To accommodate this movement, the rear part would swivel, while the front would stay put. The front lights and the front glass of the cockpit include the police lights that stick out like the front ram bar. ...
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WITness Watch Design by Hay Heun

During ancient times, people used to read time with there bare eyes by observing the position of the sun. Later on, through various developments, we are now using time devices to read the time change, but still our eyes are the key witness of the changing times. WITness is a concept timepiece that was built to demonstrate the unavoidable relationship between the eyes and the time. This device can be powered up by pressing the side buttons for 2 seconds and it will go back in standby mode automat...
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Buell Blade Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

Buell Blade is a motorcycle concept with various innovative features for both performance and visual aspects and is designed concentrating on American tradition. This bike comprises a classic V-Twin engine that has made this bike a powerful vehicle on road. This sports bike will create a new riding experience with its unique wheel that has been designed without any sorts of spokes or rims. Buell Blade motorcycle features a rear suspension system integrated with the bikes core design and an inter...
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Nomadic Device Integration System by Joshua Saling

The Nomadic Device Integration System or NDI system is a new automotive interface with interactive, flexible and gestuaral outlook, integrates various nomadic devices with the interior of a car, creating an electronic medium to the spheres of entertainment, social engagement and professional activities. This outstanding innovation was awarded in the transport design category in the graduation exhibition at Monash and is expecting to bring a revolution in the auto world. This system is able to tr...
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Airship One : A Hybrid Between An Airplane and A Semi-Rigid Airship

The solar powered Airship One concept is actually a hybrid between an airplane and a semi-rigid airship, developed with an objective to overcome the unbelievable fuel expense of conventional airlines. The aircraft is just a bit heavier than the air, therefore, it requires reasonably less effort to become airborne and stylishly cruise at 120 mph. Moreover, it features vectored ducted fans that facilitate the ship to hover or cruise. The craft’s semi-rigid structure includes carbon fiber panelin...
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LOOP-IN : Hybrid Concept Between The Skate and The Surfing

LOOP-IN is a concept transportation system crafted by combining the surfing and the skate facility. The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can rotate on almost any type of surface, the plate will rotate in its interior independently. It is like pushing by a wave continuously. Initially, the rider will have to acquire the abilities to dominate the control of these wheels on any kind of lands and at the same time l...
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S 333 Toboggan Chair by Thonet

The S 333 toboggan is made in a cantilever design by using steel instead of bentwood like before, making it more beautiful and modern, while keeping the most excellent Thonet tradition. This impressively timeless and elegant piece of sports gear boasts a consistently modest design, inspired by the earlier S 333 tubular-steel-chair. The minimalist outlook of this chair has been achieved by using lightweight, durable and clear materials. The S 333 is consists of few components only, they are, a co...
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HT4 Concept Toilet for Handicapped Individuals

HT4 is a concept toilet built to serve physically handicapped individuals with maximum comfort and functionality. This simple and easy to adapt concept will make a lot of difference in the daily life of those people who are not much comfortable to use the traditional toilets because of their inabilities. The innovative design offers a pair of additional handles that can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the requirement of each and every one. These handles are very much helpful for physica...
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PLUS! Concept Vehicle for Future Megalopolis

The PLUS concept has derived from the reflection about the maintenance of the future megalopolis in four different ways, ecologic, economic, social and operational. This customizable vehicle will let you buy exactly what you want to buy and can add your required components to customize it as per your choice. The base of this vehicle is an auto-structured rolled surface that offers possibility of expansion to the vehicle. This type of structure is also used in the seats so that they can be compac...
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IPSE Futuristic Individual Mobility Concept Will Let You Drive in Underwater Mode

IPSE is an advanced individual mobility concept that uses cutting-edge display technology and offers an innovative driving experience to the driver. The iconic and unique design of this concept car was driven from the VW logo which has a giant circle enfolded with a mesh frame. The virtual environment system of IPSE recognizes outside surrounding and then translates the same into virtual living things and objects. For instance, in "underwater" mode, the driver sees other vehicle as sea creatures...
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Faucet Water Symphony by Aleksander Mukomelov

When we touch a tap to open water flow, we certainly leave some bacteria and dirt on it, which we take back after having washed our hands when we attempt to close it. The Water Symphony concept comprises an electronic device for the mixer tap, with which you can adjust all the needed functions such as water temperature or pressure precisely and quickly without touching it. There is an OLED display on the top of the tap, showing water temperature, its pressure and the spent amount in liters for o...
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JS Bach Chamber Music Hall by Zaha Hadid Architects

The JS Bach Chamber Music Hall is a brilliant concept design installed at Manchester Art Gallery in order to house musical performances. The hall is built on a steel structure covered with a transparent fabric membrane suspended form the ceiling which divides and encloses the space aside from creating a stage, area for audience and passages for in and out of the hall. Above the stage, clear and acrylic panes are suspended, offering perfect disperse and reflect of sound. A massive ribbon swirls w...
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GO Concept Phone by Tryi Yeh

The GO concept phone brings various handy features along with stunning visor that will be appreciated by all range of people. This phone features a flexible OLED touch display and a sliding body that houses mode keys and camera. This phone supports various kinds of apply modes such as becoming an antenna for watching TV. The most excellent feature of this phone is the changing color at the back showing different status of the phone such as, when the light is red and flashing, it means the cell i...
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