HUG : Sleek and Sexy iPod Dock Charger

Now this is something sleek and sexy. I have not been wowed as of late with any other iPod for the looks and design. HUG is affordable and comes with a stylish iPod stand. You can now seamlessly charge and play your iPod while it is kept on its stand. HUG comes with two magical speakers. You must have seen many iPods but this one has really stood out because of its stellar design. Overall, this whole set of iPod is certainly an attention grabber and a piece of décor. Designer : Sebasti...
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EyeClops Night Vision Goggles Review

“You can see them but they can’t see you”. I believe this is what EyeClops Night Vision Goggles are all about. These night vision goggles enable your explorer to see in absolute darkness. With the help of EyeClops portable microscope attached atop the goggles, your adventure can see what hides in the dark and produce close-ups of whatever they spotlight on. This product uses actual night vision technology. I bought these night vision goggles at $79.99 and I guess they are really cheap as c...
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Transformable Wheelchair Concept by Caspar Schmitz

If you know some one who is using a wheelchair for survival then this product is for them. This wheelchair is made of an elastic as well as strong plastic, for example Polyurethane. The vehicle becomes adapted to contact face and the center of gravity to the situation. Through vertical pressure on the handle bar the round wheel converts to ellipsoid. As a result of which steps and barriers can be taken care of easily. It is a great invention of the wheelchair. This transformable wheel will surel...
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Combine Your Brix Mobile Phone for Bigger Screen View

If you are bored with latest mobile phone concepts coming in the market then check out BRIX. A personal multimedia mobile phone, if joined with a BRIX of some other person, can be viewed on a bigger screen of different dimensions and also enables you to make conversations. BRIX is designed with bricks having 1:2 rates and can be combined with several BRIXs. Apart from enjoying all the facilities that a mobile phone has, you can also view favorite games and movies with your friends or family in a...
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Sony ODO Battery Free Digital Camera

Every camera requires batteries for power but it is not so in the case of Sony ODO digital camera. Check out this Battery Free Camera designed by Sony. This camera is powered by kinetic energy and is charged by giving its rounded head a twist. When its head is rolled, it provides power by transforming kinetic energy into electricity. This device is made up if biodegradable vegetable based plastics and is capable of taking decent pictures. Camera takes around 15 seconds to get charged for next pi...
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“Easy Go” Bike Concept for Senior Citizens.

The design of this "Easy Go" bike is inspired by an aristocrat's sedan chair. It is designed to offer comfortable using environment for the senior citizens. Now they do not have to be dependent on others for their movement. The functions of this bike are very simple to use and having electric power to assist it. There are different features available in this bike such as directional control which means user can control the directions through legs for the movement of the chair, adjustment of the ...
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Lotus : Mobile Furniture by Zaha Hadid

Get ready to seduce and engage the instant and more distant world with "Lotus". It is a room of enfolded furnishing that can be packed together and expanded into planned areas for resting, sitting, storage space and browsing. This room is designed in an innovative manner offering 2 options. One is highly reduced and exclusive of its surroundings and second one is spread-out and interlocked into its environment. The furniture is mobile and incorporated within the room including chair, bed, shelvi...
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Morphosis, Stylish and Modern Adjustable Bike Concept

Morphosis is a new type of bike which is designed in a way that can be used by everyone including kids, teens or older people. This bike grows with you because its dimensions can be varied as the child grows older adjusting the width and height of the bike in a simpler manner by moving a single element. Morphosis is a fully adjustable bike that allows rider to fit their dimensions and meet the required dimensions of the long track or short track. Bike looks stylish and totally modern with a comb...
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“Protect 486″, Safety and Protection for Your Motorcycle

Something has been designed for safety and protection of your motorcycle. Check out this unique defense system with burglar alarm that is totally different from what you must have seen earlier. It completely covers your motor bike from top. The motorbike will look absolutely different once covered with this defense system. Bike will be protected from thieves as it has a burglar alarm and also safe from dust. This system is being proposed in order to break the present bases and creating a new and...
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BIO KAMIN, Ethanol Fireplace with Air Humidifier

Fireplace is a breakthrough in indoor ambience without any need for chimney gas line or professional installation. BIO-KAMIN is an ethanol fireplace that brings together form and function to create a smokeless and ventless fireplace that can be easily matched with your interior design. Martin Zampach has designed it with removable water air humidifier. The best part about ethanol is that it is safe and clean burning fuel. BIO-KAMIN is composed of 4 metal parts that can be separated. Overall, it ...
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Fitbit Tracks Your Fitness and Sleep

Fitbit is a very small device that motivates you to exercise and eat healthier to lead a healthy life. It is wireless, rechargeable and you can hang it easily wherever you want. Fitbit can track information about your activities for example, calories burned and steps taken etc. The collected information is wirelessly uploaded to Fitbit website where the person who is wearing this device can see the data and track his/her progress report. Person can also share data with friends, family and collea...
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“Sook”, A Wireless Kitchen Assistant Concept

Now you can stay connected to your facebook or myspace friends while working in your kitchen. Adam Brodowski from USA has designed “Sook”, a wireless kitchen assistant concept that displays and shares different recipes and allows you to connect to your social networking websites with the help of internet access on this device. "Sook" uses a series of sensors to sense what food is kept nearby or on its cutting board. Apart from measuring weight and moisture, it also includes an electronic ton...
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3.72 Travel Case for Surfboards

River Surfing has a special kind of madness and those who are crazy about it would love this concept. This is a travel case for surfboards. You can keep three surf boards without fins and two with fins at a time in this case. It will be very helpful for those who everyday enjoy their surfing passion. It has sporty appearance and sophisticated design. Not only this, it comes with transport wheels, handles, a set of locks for those who want to keep be on car roof racks and a complimentary bad wher...
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Futuristic Vectrix Electric Super Bike

Vectrix Electric Super Bike is claimed to be the world's first electric superbike. The original bike design was developed internally in a way to capture the experience of electric vehicle design. The company claims that this bike can come up with the top speed of 200km/h and has enough battery life for 20 flat-out laps of the Vallelunga circuit in Italy. The main strategy behind this concept is that it does not have any unnecessary parts such as exhaust, engine and fuel system. This futuristic l...
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Rosenbauer Panther by Spirit Design

'Rosenbauer Panther' is an excellent performance fire engine for airports. I guess the name Panther suits this truck because it can take you wherever you want to go, fast and will complete your fast as faster as possible while keeping things at the right place. It is a tough truck designed for airport rescue and firefighting. This truck is fully customizable and has maximum load capacity of 3,830 gallons (14,500 liters). Its speed is 87 mph and comes in different sizes. This is seriously going t...
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