Bee Hospital – Specially Designed Hospital for Honey Bees Health and Well Being

Bee Hospital is not a hospital called “Bee”, in fact, it’s a hospital for bees. This speculative design project sets out to investigate the global decline of the bee population, focusing particularly on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Bees are disappearing, this can lead to a disastrous phenomenon that affects our food system and economy. Most food on our tables is there thanks to honeybees that pollinate a variety of food we love and need. Set in 2030, this project wants to provide solution for CCD, it contains a collection of objects that help bees survive in worsening environment.

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li contains a set of objects that can be installed in urban area, each set consists of a mite guard dispenser, a supplement center, and a bee-detecting device. Honey bees benefit environment we live in, it’s our job to make sure their population can survive. It’s a simple project that breaks the traditional perspectives on beekeeping and its confinement in rural areas, this project creates a ideal urban environment that offers beneficial probiotics, vital nutrients, and specific chemicals to help the survival of bees.

Bee-detecting Device
In 2030, the environment is so deleterious that the bee population will decrease dramatically. Scientists will start to count and observe bees with the bee-detecting device, with the assumption that a number of bees can provide a numerical relationship to the health of the environment.

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li

Mites Guard Dispenser
This object attaches a chemical to the bees, in order to kill the Varroa mite. The device is designed to use syrup, which is similar to flowers, to allure bees; who enter the device and are brushed with a chemical to kill mites.

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li

Supplement Center
Pesticides are used to kill pests and unwanted plants, but they also kill bees and remain in the soil. Supplement center provides bees with the probiotics and essential nutrients to digest pesticide and allow bees stay healthy, and survive the deleterious environment in 2030.

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li

Bee Hospital by Shau Heng Li

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