Mobius Strip Lamp Helps Reducing Visual Clutter In Big Cities

In big cities, you can see a lot of visual clutter that can cause confusion and disorientation for drivers and pedestrians such as temporary signs, vehicle signals, posters, electronic signs, and many more. In order to reduce visual clutter, Mobius Strip Lamp was designed. The name itself came from Mobius Strip, it was used as a metaphor for the circulation of human in the city. Mobius Strip Lamp integrates vehicle signals, pedestrian signals, and a street lamp in one single installation. This design is one of great entries at Red Dot Design Award.

This ingenious design displays the vehicle signals on the uppermost horizontal display panel along with the remaining time. The pedestrian signals are displayed on the vertical panel, also with the remaining time. The street lamp provides great visibility for the drivers and pedestrians while crossing the street. Hopefully we can enjoy environment with less visual clutter in the future.

Designer : Lee Kisung

Mobius Strip Lamp

Mobius Strip Lamp

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19 thoughts on “Mobius Strip Lamp Helps Reducing Visual Clutter In Big Cities

  1. Must for all urban cities worldwide, test in EPCOT Center, Orlando FL, Disney Ent.
    PR in TV & movies,
    Find some test cities for Testing concept, IE LA CA.

  2. Given the large size of the signal section area and it's rectangular shape, why not have a shrinking bar to indicate how much time is remaining? The red would shrink leftward (any red port left?) and the green would shrink rightward. Another addition could be an illuminated stop bar, a row of red lights embedded in the road which lights up on a red signal.

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