Nature Energy Park : Playground That Teaches Children About Renewable Energy

With a motto of making children understand the importance of ecological alternative energies, a new concept called Natural Energy Park has been introduced. It is an experimental learning playground, which advocates kids to recognize the significance of global resources and realize the possibilities of renewable energy through a series of eco-friendly play apparatus. Additionally, some straightforward scientific principles are being illustrated via interactive installations. Included in the experimental learning playground is the Benjamin Franklin’s kite, a solar-powered optical illusion, a pinwheel cycle which illuminates a traffic sign, a seesaw which turns a waterwheel, a pinhole camera, a videophone periscope, a pedal-powered radio and an airplane flying in the air. These concepts emphasize the possibilities of renewable energy and other global resources, be it generating the electricity naturally, the movement of water and so on.

Designers : You Song Young, Jin Soo Yeon, Ahn Ho Sang, and Lee Sung Jae

Nature Energy Park

Nature Energy Park

Nature Energy Park

Nature Energy Park

Nature Energy Park

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I, the Pessimist says: March 31, 2011

Ya know, the Soviets used to have cartoons about how communism will destroy the "Western Capitalist Menace" and the North Korea today has children's songs about killing Americans. Not that I'm calling this idea communist (I was gonna mention child-directed propaganda in Nazi Germany, but I changed my mind) nor am I saying this is a propaganda vehicle. I'm saying, ya know, t his is kinda like that concept with the goldfish water fountain (waste too much water and Nemo dies, kids!), this is forcing an idea on children (which, on second thought, IS sorta propaganda, when you think about it).

    Jess says: October 1, 2011

    What the hell are you talking about??? It's only a playground …

pbx says: March 31, 2011

I really really like it. well resolved, well presented, and a strong moral message to boot – well done!

i,do says: September 29, 2011

in Greek is not I,the Pessimist is I,the Malakas.
I really like your work!

Jane says: December 13, 2011

That's really nice way teaching kids about such a complicated topic. These playground will give them a practical understanding. here you get cheers..Kids Playground Equipment

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