Global Spirit Racing : Future Racing Vehicle Design by Victor Acuna

Global Spirit Racing is a futuristic racing vehicle design for Terra Prix 2085 design competition. The automotive designer created amazing detailed background story and won the first place in community selection category with this awesome future racing car.

Global Spirit Racing (Design & Story)


This year the big Terra Prix 2085 race, sponsored by Local-Motors brings together a large amount of teams coming out from the most important world mega polis.

The number of registered participants is the largest ever seen in this style of competition, even greater than in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and the Worldwide Dakar Championship who organize competitions on all continents throughout the year.

The competence and show are guaranteed for both teams and spectators, the invitation has attracted the best IRC and WDC teams. The struggle for victory will be fierce beating by far the toughest rallies seen by man in this century and the previous one, an unprecedented race where only the ones that can achieve a good balance will be able to finish it.

The Global Spirit Racing is a team that spectators has to keep their sights in, because the broad experience of its members has emerged as a favorite to win the 2085 Terra Prix Presented by Local Motors

Designer : Victor Acuna

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

Team Bio.

Founded in late 2079 by Thomas Butler who was the AP MidTech Motosports team leader and Newad Ein, the Good Gear Barrel Racing Team, former Technical Director.

At the end of their contracts, Newad and Thomas joined forces with other BAE photon motors companies and bought the extinct Northrop Khural Racing team based in the Oriental Aerospace Industries Association (today Mongolia), absorbing its debt, which involved the Northtrop team 2085 Prix Terra participation.

In the Mongolian facilities more than 300 mechanical engineers, designers from around the world belonging to the most important international competitions such as Formula 0g, Rocket Racing League and the IPRF regulated Group “A” are working.

Between 2083 and 2084 the team participated in several IRC races (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) the same that were in the vehicle development toward the Terra Prix 2085 with good results and gathering important information in the Courage C30 development.

Thomas Buttler & Newad Ein Bios

Thomas Butler was born in 2047 in the East Australian region, from an early age he showed an interest in auto racing. At the age of 25, he bought his first vehicle to compete in the powerful
“ Group 7” regional races where he achieves the 3rd place overall. A few years after this debut he conquers the 2070 championship becoming the youngest owner/driver to win a regional championship. In the 71 campaign and thanks to its results we enters the continental championship but in the 4th race held at the Surfers Paradise temporary circuit, he suffers a terrible accident that leaves him out for the rest of the season and ending his racing career. After a long rehabilitation he seeks ways to continue close to competitions and then he receives an offer from the American Petroleum Company racing division to develop their IRC project (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) which was adrift after years of not getting the desired results, Thomas MidTech Motorsport is chief of the AP Midtech Motorsports for 6 years, taking the team to two third general classification places and three consecutive championships, the team participated at the same time in the WDC
(Dakar Worldwide Championship) competitions At the end of his contract and together with his friend Newad he founded the Global Racing Team Spirit in order to participate in the Terra Prix 2085.

Newad Ein was born in 2032 in the Central Scotland megalopolis. After finishing his aeronautical studies he decides to seek work in local races but didn’t feel challenged because the forbidden regulation that didn’t allowed any modifications in the cars. In 2057 he met Ukyo Muroya who offered him work on his Rocket Racing League boat, a competition which was booming at the time thanks to his daring “Street” races that were held in major megalopolis. Newad obtained the 2060 and 2065 championships. In 2066, the Formula OG team “Coperusa” offered him a contract to design their boats. Newad designs achieved great performances unfortunately the team did not have a good budget because it didn’t have sponsors and because of it the championship never came. At Newad´s arrival, Coperusa was 10th overall in the constructor’s table, but thanks to his great determination they achieved the 4th place overall for three consecutive years. In 2072 and with the IRC growth, the Good Barrel Racing Team signs Newad take charge in their vehicles design and in their debut year they won the constructors’ championship and 3rd place in the drivers one.

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

Vehicle Story.

The first task of Newad in the newly formed GSR was to find a “cheap” way to build a car able to compete in the Terra Prix. Thomas and him knew it was better to save on the chassis and bodywork and leave most the budget to be used in technology development and the support vessel.

The idea was to go to the main megalopolis and look at recycling centers “something” that would work for the car construction and it was during Newad stay in the North American continent mega polis (USA Today) that he found just what he wanted. “It was not planned, it just happened” he later told Speed Week “I was really tired after 7 days of hard searching in that city, so we decided to take some time off and went in groups to a new resort in the area 51, there I met a person who tells me that in Arizona they were to finish the resources rescue excavations * and the search area was very large, so I decided to take a look and after 2 days we found a Micro Factory that belonged to Local Motors “In that place Newad found 10 fuselages in optimal state to be used in the vehicle construction.

Among the things they recovered were 4 tubular chassis (Rally Fighter) a sketching book and a blog. Hiroshi Kojima said, “from the logbook we learned that some one called idesigcars that the fuselages belonged to a secret experimental project made by LM and DARPA. While the purpose of Project Columbia is not described at all.” The fuselages were transported to the Oriental Aerospace Industries Association barracks where they quickly started the Courage C30 design and construction.

* After the 2065 California detachment as a result of the San Andreas Fault, the government promoted the mass population migration to the central megalopolis. A year later, a violent climate change created a Sand super storm system that covered the entire state of Arizona. 4 vehicles were used to pass impact and fatigue tests that the IPFR performs to each team, 2 were used as the IRC and WDC development fuselages and the remaining 4 are available for the Terra Prix 2085

The Courage C30 design drastically changed the original fuselage structure since it was split into two modules and give the chassis greater flexibility on rough terrain. Branco Teixeira explains: “The Sketches Book that belonged to someone named Aurel gave us a better idea of how to know the structure and thus make the necessary changes”

The vehicle module A contains the central photon motor that provides electric power to 6 engines mounted on Courage C30 wheels, the front suspension that is integrated into the engine, to drastically reduce the new ad weight they found the solution in the same airplane concept that uses the BAE 400 motor that is directly loaded by the China base space station’s

At this moment BAE has 5 stations in orbit providing the photon energy needed for their engines around the world, the use of these is not limited to the transportation industry, because at this time, many hotels and residential developments in the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Mongolia and South Africa use the PH-2600 Deluxe motor line with great results regarding the High Gamma Laser reception that Suntech design for the Courage each plate contains hundreds of nano photovoltaic receptors that move energy through the pipe provided by Indeck. To avoid the aluminum module melting point, Vitro developed a special ceramic lining that conducts heat out of the module by means of multiple frontal “gills”. The longitude asymmetric suspension has extra function, by transmitting the electricity generated by the central super-condenser motors located in each wheel.

Module B contains the pilot and navigator cockpit same that is divided by a central anti -roll structure (Roll Hoop), 6 suntech photocells, the cargo area and rear suspension that as the front one carries the energy to the 2 Tesla rear motors mounted on each wheel.

The active independent suspension system serves at the same time as a style Push / Pull Rod suspension. Inside the main structure there are hundreds of fibers that spin, pull or push the suspension arms according to the conducting necessity or the configuration chosen by the pilot during the race. This suspension complex function is the use of smart materials controlled by bioorganic artificial intelligence developed by a group of bio-engineers at the University of Tokyo. “Just imagine how intuitive organisms function such as trees or jellyfish, that is how our suspension works, “said Hiroshi Kojima “But although it gives the pilot great help, the Courage driving depends on your driving skills and intelligence since it is the one who chooses the torque setting, height and stiffness that the car takes at any given time, the IABO only corrects certain deficiencies along the way “This suspension development provides in real time a multitude of configurations depending of the type of terrain it is going through. The suspension is pre charged by GSR with 6 functions, plus 10 extra (5 per driver) in a memory located on the seat terminal so each driver has its own custom made functions.

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

The Support Craft

“It’s like going into Moby Dick!” Gerhard (Hind) Hartmann DW-427 Pilot.
It is true that the support vessels play an important role in this race and with good reason, because without them it would be impossible to cross the 7 continents without leaving the competition with some damage. But what are the important points to cover and have a support boat ready for any eventuality? GSR takes us by the hand to know the DW-427 secrets and main characteristics.

The entire project is based on the measurements provided by Local Motors and IPRF, and to achieve everything necessary to bring DW-427 has a total of 3 floors.

At the fuselage base is the workshop and spare parts warehouse, a GSR vessel of the GSR has the ability to carry a third of the workshop that the GSR has in its headquarters.
Between the first and second floor is the bridge where the crew has access to all information of what is being done on board, under the bridge is the telemetry center were the CTO, CE and CC access all the data obtained in the race, it is one of the most important points of the boat, because it keeps all the vehicle data as well as having a ground panoramic in which you can watch the race at all times.

In the 2nd floor all the crew cabins and kitchen are located. Each cabin has its own bathroom and can accommodate up to 4 persons, in total there are 8 cabins at the crew’s disposal at any time.

In the “3rd” floor, which is actually the fuselage top is the “Sky Lounge” that is mounted at the team’s paddock arrival and welcome sponsors and special guests in each of the checkpoints, who can enjoy a unique moment during the terraprix stay in each country. It is said that the presentation to sponsors was held in the open in the “Sky Lounge”

To impulse this beast, BAE design a complex hybrid drive that combines the use of fossil fuel and photon energy, i.e. in taking off and landing (vertically) maneuvers, the driver uses fuel and during flight photon energy received from BAE supplying satellites, so the fuel consumption is not a problem during the boat long voyages. Another characteristic is that like in any car, each drive super capacitors that are supplied by Tesla that provide energy to the support vessel all the time.


1 – Pilot.
1 – Co-Pilot.
1 – Navigator.
1 – Radar Operator.
2 – Flight Attendants.
26 – Passengers

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

Global Spirit Racing - Future Racing Car

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