The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

The futuristic monobike, featured with retro elements, is an innovative concept that is inspired from the WWII motorcycles. The extraordinary one-wheel bike contains BMW telelever technology based suspension which is excellently functional. The main bike is placed inside the large wheel, which certainly can make some barrier on the driver’s vision, but the compact shape of the bike is very much helpful to avoid the lousy future traffic. The bike is designed for one person only and contains powerful engine along with attractive metallic finish body that surely can become a good choice of future commuting.

one wheel monobike

one wheel monobike

Alkis says :

“My initial aim was not to create a working design as my course was arts related. I spend more time on stylizing the bike. I am a big fan of WWII bikes like the Zundapp KS. I applied a retro look despite the futuristic elements like the computer display. I was influenced from movie scenes off WWII, were brave allied messengers performed using motorcycles, and the image of the easy rider riding on a chopper. I used chrome and a big curved tank to create a muscle bike look. The geometry of the bike allows the rider to sit in a relaxed position. The idea of the frame came from WWII bikes with the addition of some new elements like the coil spring underneath the engine and using the engine as part of the frame. The engine is rotary as with WWII aircrafts. There are only a hand full of bikes to have ever used this type of engine, so it definitely makes it more eccentric.”

one wheel monobike

“The bike was modeled from scrunch in 8 days using Solidworks an engineering application. I used Solidworks rather than an animation package. Solidworks allowed me to change proportions and dimensions faster, it is easier to handle large assemblies. Also it is an engineering application using Nurbs for modeling. That gave me absolute control of the dimensions. However In order to render the images I had to use XSI which does not support Nurbs. Instead I used Rhinoceros 3D to translate the geometry. Some of the details, like cables and pipes were added using XSI and Rhinoceros.”

one wheel monobike

“The bike with the chain consist of more than 600 individual parts. Translating the models, adding details and rendering took a bit more than 4 weeks. My plan time permit, was to create illustrations of the working parts and probably a cut-out of the engine but I had to compromise. Probably I will attempt that in the future.”

one wheel monobike

one wheel monobike

Designer : Alkis Karaolis

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7 thoughts on “The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

  1. more like crash with style. that wheel is going to obscure your vision big time, so im sure you will end up crashing into stuff.

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