Mini Eco System Phyto Purification Bathroom

Phyto-purification bathroom is a concept bathroom that features the phyto-purification natural filtering principle, becoming a mini eco-system that can recycle and regenerate the waste water. This purification system includes an organic system that purifies the used water from the washbasin and the shower before re-using. This system will reduce the waste of water as well as let the users save a considerable amount of bills that they are paying for excessive use of water. The phyto-purification is a water recycling process that is most commonly being used in ecological purification systems and can be used even in remote areas where water problem is being considered as one of the vital ones.

phyto purification bathroom

phyto purification bathroom

phyto purification bathroom

During its filtering process, the water goes through different steps :
- The rushes are planted in sand which filters larger particles. The root system of the rushes contain various bacterias which break down these particles for absorption by the plant.
- The reeds are planted next to the rushes as they have the ability to filter the heavy metals from the water.
- The floating water hyacinths draw through their roots some of the water borne particles which are still present in the water.
- The lemnas, which are also aquatic plants, bind to the remaining aquatic micro-organisms to complete the filtering process.
- Finally, a carbon filter stops the remaining micro-particles.

phyto purification bathroom

Designer : Jun Yasumoto

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joe says: August 10, 2009

i kind of dig this, using nature as your privacy walls, and at the same time re-using the grey water to water plants. I think you would still need some sort of walls to block wind, one strong gust and that grass will bend over and not protect you so much.

ki says: August 10, 2009

now i want my wife to to have one lol. you can always jump at her thorough the wall and give her a time of her life lol. sweet design love it

angel Leal says: October 7, 2009

We are very interested in this product and would like to purchase… please send more info!!!


Angel Ricardo leal

V says: November 15, 2009

The carbon filter would need replacing, so it’s not entirely eco. Do those plants handle all the chemicals in champoo?

andra says: August 8, 2010

very interesting and mazing design, the little gardeb very nice and cool

andra says: September 24, 2010

This design very cool, and I love it the green partisi very much

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