iMove Electric Car Gives The Touch Of Apple Into Future Transportation

iPod. iPhone.. iPad… What else do you expect from Apple in future? Thinking of another high-tech handheld gadget? Why don’t think something beyond your imagination, iMove?

iMove is an electric car concept that has been specifically designed to be driven in the future streets by those who are already using various innovative Apple products. Design of the car was inspired by the Macintosh mouse, giving an open and cabriolet feel to the riders when driving. Accessing the car is super fun and stylish. The pyramidal shaped glass receptors have been placed on the roof that charges the electronic dashboard of the car. The back of the car is made of elastic textile materials that can hold the luggage underneath tightly. The exterior transparent area contains photocromic materials that enable the car to change its appearance in various situations.

Designer : Liviu Tudoran









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asad says: December 1, 2010

fantastic design!!! Zoom in/out features should be for this iMove car..he he he

Jerome Beechman says: February 26, 2013

I never thought I'd see an actual iCar. The only thing I'm hoping for is that this vehicle doesn't have the battery life problems many of Apple's gadgets are notorious for.

Kevin Reese says: March 18, 2013

Jerome does have a point. If Apple manages to put in a decent battery, then this could very well be the car of the future.

Ken Palmer says: April 5, 2013

The design of that car is just enough. No need for too much car decals/stickers or whatsoever.

Carly Leener says: June 3, 2013

No thank. I’d rather have other electric cars. Apple’s gadgets aren’t very generous when it comes to battery power so they better come up with a clever way to convince people with this “electric-car.”

icecrystal says: February 28, 2015

This is a good concept, I always knew that apple is going to come up with this idea but why not think about the space exploration bcs cars didn’t just arrived today and if u look into the car industry you will find out that so much have been done, so let think in a different perspective and make more discovery.

Masdraken says: March 6, 2016


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