Honda Helix Adapts and Reacts To Specific Environments And Traffic Patterns

The Honda Helix concept with advanced adaptive polymers can change its shape, color and even material properties when required. The three distinct conformations of Helix are A, B and Z. The car is short and wide when it is in “A” status for lighter and intertwining road system cities where the vehicle can run fast. “B” is low and long Helix for sprawling cities where long distances are allowed for high speed voyage. For congested cities, the tall and thin “Z” model comes in where occupants seat vertically on two levels. The use of flexible and renovating multi-functioning parts, this car can react to particular environments and traffic conditions by changing the orientation for optimal user functionality and environmental operation.

honda helix

honda helix

The Honda Helix is a vehicle capable of adapting, evolving, and conforming to user needs anywhere in the world. Using insight gained from the human genome, biotechnology, and environmental forecasting, the Honda Helix will actively and dynamically conform to the user’s needs, in environments ranging from the congested skies of Japan, to the wide open roads of America.

honda helix

honda helix

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honda helix

honda helix

Designer : Dave Marek, Iliyah Bridan, and Michael Baytion

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stephen russell says: December 1, 2009

Honda R&D this & produce, even as lowly Hybrid model, Id drive this big time in the Low & Lean mode.

& then add automotive systems 2 date into Car.


Miles says: December 3, 2009

Do you sit up in this or lie down? It looks shorts.

Georgi says: December 15, 2009

This is just simply sick in a very good way and I'll be waiting for the day…

Brian says: December 3, 2011


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