Dish Dryer Design by Matias Conti

Even the movement of waves can be a great inspiration for Matias Conti. This industrial designer has designed an attractive dish dryer with wave-shaped structure to help draining the water faster while holding the plates, glasses as well as spoons. He says that every line in this sexy dish dryer can change its position and size enhancing the visual dynamism. It is designed with a special shaped lip to allow you to add as many dryers as needed by only clipping one over another.

Designer : Matias Conti

Dish Dryer

Dish Dryer

Dish Dryer

Dish Dryer

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Alex Cea says: September 14, 2010

It keeps the style from Matias. He always can surprise with futurist lines in each design.
And…knowing his love by the sea waves, I can see an special meanning in his work.
He's called to do great thigs, it's sure.

andreea says: September 23, 2010

i love it! great job

gonza says: September 30, 2010

Buenisimo Foqui, inspirarse en el mar. Nuestro elemento.
Diseñate un cinturón de cablesss. JEEEEE!!!

gonza el mostro mrino di MDQ

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