Cooking In Office Is Easy With Mono.Kitchen

I’ve never thought of cooking in my office during lunchtime, because it’s too time consuming. Mono.Kitchen is a conceptual kitchen system for office. It’s been designed to provide convenience for cooking in office environment, less time consuming and more enjoyable. Its design makes this table the center of attraction during lunchtime. It’s like a long conference table with complete cooking area, dishwasher, storage, and cleaning area. Users can even choose a recipe where the ingredients are delivered fresh and slightly prepared on the next day, this will simplify the cooking process as much as possible. I’m sure everyone will enjoy fresh and healthy meal for lunch.

Designer : Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

Mono Kitchen

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Gen says: December 31, 2010

i can't see it!!!

the pessimist says: December 31, 2010

Well DUH!!! How else can you "Cook in Office" unless your Mono.Kitchen is INVISIBLE!!!
You might get fired if you're seen preparing food in your cubicle. Although, it might seem strange when your boss see's you apparently pretending to cook and eat your invisible and seemingly make-believe food, now wouldn't it?

Tuvie says: December 31, 2010

Sorry, wordpress glitch after upgrade …

höfðingi says: January 6, 2011

Why would you want to cook in you office?
The only part that seems to make sense here is the coffee machine.

Judy says: March 23, 2013

Great idea for a tiny apartment or guest suite.

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