Haven : Rapid Deployment Temporary Shelter System

Haven is an emergency shelter and disaster relief for people who live in disaster or war areas. It is a rapid deployment temporary shelter system that can be flattened and stacked for ease of transportation. Compared to traditional tents, Haven is lightweight and occupies less space with improved protection. The removable soft covers on each end provide ventilation for the users. It looks like a small shelter, but actually users will feel comfortable in it.

Designer : Design Exchange

Haven Temporary Shelter

Haven Temporary Shelter

The internal profile allows for comfortable a sitting position. A flip-open platform can accommodate a second occupant or can provide storage space for one’s belongings. A simple signage system identifies the number of occupants and if there are infants or injured people who need medical attention. This helps to make the task of managing and looking after a large group of displaced people easier.

People displaced in war or disaster situations will have more need to communicate with the outside world than ever. Integrated solar panel allows occupants to power up their electronic devices to call, email, document, or blog when communication infrastructure is available.

Haven Temporary Shelter

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2 thoughts on “Haven : Rapid Deployment Temporary Shelter System

  1. Great idea, working on model when I found the design. Plan is simple and funtional. Could help a lot of people.

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