Compact Caravan Can Offer Complete Outdoor Fun

The Compact Caravan concept focuses on developing a unique and convenient place for the external and internal core tasks people usually perform inside and around a caravan. The rare color combination and the stream line shape of the caravan’s body offers a stylish connection with the users and also ensures greater fuel efficacy by reducing the tow ball weight. Moreover, the protruding outer surface provides additional ribbing support around the shell. This concept features a roofed slide out elevated outdoor zone, pull down seats, mosquito net, etc. and promotes greater flexibility to interact with fellow neighbors or watching water sports and other activities. The shell and other external parts have been molded rationally to make the caravan sustainable and effortlessly recyclable. The inside space has been intelligently utilized to make it hassle free and easy to clean and organize.

compact caravan

compact caravan

compact caravan

compact caravan

Designer : Heather Barrett

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stephen russell says: February 8, 2010

Nice mini trailer & nice Temp shelter.

Cool shape.

David Usher says: February 9, 2011

Having a rear entrance design means that the caravan can be utilised while store in a garage. Many houses have restricted storage space, but regularly the car never goes in the garage. A caravan in the garage can be used as a guest room, study, hobby room or whatever. With most garage doors not being high enough to take caravans then either the doorways need to be heightened and/or vans need to have adustable height roofs.

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