Glauca Superyacht Design Was Inspired by The Blue Shark

Glauca Superyacht was inspired by nature. It’s undeniable that nature has inspired most designers around the globe, just take a deep look into it, it’ll unlock your imagination and creativity. This time, Bhushan Powar Design has taken nature as its main inspiration for their latest superyacht design, it draws its origin from the Blue Shark. This is an agile and magnificent creature with lean body structure that’s been named after its color. Glauca means blue in Latin.

Glauca Superyacht by Bhushan Powar Design

Glauca Superyacht by Bhushan Powar Design

With overall length of 209ft, Glauca Superyacht by Bhushan Powar Design has a beam of 29.5ft. The main objective of this project was to focus on the owner’s needs, hence, this yacht has a complete private area on the aft side of the yacht. This side would be made of glass where the owner can host his/her guests with a magnificent view of the ocean. During the development phase we planned to have a concealed upper deck and an open sun deck completed with a Jacuzzi and lounge area. The overall body structure from the top depicts muse swimming in water.

Located near to the bow, there’s a special cabin for the owner. It features two folding galleries on either sides. On the lower deck, there’s a beach lounge with a large opening on the aft side of the yacht, it is surrounded by large glass panels for unobstructed views of the ocean, while the yacht cruising on water. There are two folding decks at the beach lounge with a bar area on the lower deck, the tender garage is at the same floor.

Glauca Superyacht can accommodate up to 10 guests with 24 crews to cater your guests. There’s a floating helipad with direct access to the main deck. Propelled by quadro Volovo Penta IPS engines, this yacht is able to generate top speed of 20-22 knots and cruise at speed of 17knots.

Glauca Superyacht by Bhushan Powar Design

Glauca Superyacht by Bhushan Powar Design

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