DHL Water Strider Concept Won DHL Blue Sky Transport Design Award

DHL Water Strider is an autonomous solar powered delivery boat that takes an advantage of the world's waterways infrastructure to transport the growing amount of goods. In 2014, just 16 of the world's largest freight ships account for the same amount of emissions as all the cars in the world. Oliver Lehtonen and Philippe Hohlfeld, postgraduate students in the Royal College of Art and the Imperi...
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Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht Pays Hommage to The Bugatti Type 57

The Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht is a concept that pays homage to the classic automobile - The Type 57. Incorporating features that gave the vehicle an iconic stance in the automotive industry, its form blends streamline design from the 1930's with modernized aerodynamics. The design aesthetic was focused on a low center of gravity, which in turn gave it a better a racing appearance. The hull...
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Luxurious Hunton XRS52 Powerboat with Max Speed from 45 to 65 Knots

Hunton XRS52 powerboat took almost a decade in the making, it wants to cover everything you want from legendary boat builder. The continuation of body lines create exciting and luxurious boat styled in collaboration with dynamic superyacht designers Eidsgaard. This model defines the future of Hunton and next generation of luxury powerboats. It demonstrates best of British design and engineering, t...
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Aston Martin Teamed Up with Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design for AM37 Powerboat Project

Aston Martin has been known for its power and beauty in automotive world, now, the company is looking a way to explore high performance segment of the yachting world. Quintessence Yachts has been chosen to team up for this special project due to impressive company’s concept and development proposals. From the very start, AM37 project would be a powerboat with excellent performances and handling,...
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Grand Blanc Pacific 188ft., 122ft., and 111ft. Yacht Feature Pragmatic and Simple Design

Grand Blanc 188ft. is the largest yacht inspired by classic sailboat tradition, it is part of 3 Grand Blanc project, the other yachts would be Grand Blanc 122ft. and Grand Blanc 111ft. These 3 yachts feature pragmatism and simplicity in the general lines with a large uncover deck that offers space for maneuver as the old famous J-class yachts. The 188ft. is a mixed of "mega yacht size" with gen...
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55m X-Easy Yacht for Fun Life at Sea

Have fun at sea, this is the vision of Pastrovich Studio when they bring you 55m X-Easy Yacht. Every concept design is “X” project, experimental and inspired by aeronautic world of the prototype aircraft, just like this concept yacht. This project aims to simplify life at sea, it brings you essential requirements of what needed to spend a day at sea. This yacht is easy to sail, easy to live, e...
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Salt Yacht by Lujac Desautel

Lujac Desautel, the yacht designer of the iconic Glass concept yacht, has released his latest yacht design: Salt Yacht. It’s a 55-meter concept yacht that offers pragmatic design, elegant, and clean energy use, turning these ideas into a magnificent floating architecture. The open space design offers flexibility and easy lifestyle, passengers would be allowed to truly enjoy life aboard. We reall...
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Oxseagen Yacht Concept Features Open Space Design Theme

Oxseagen designed by HWANG Tzy-Lung Stefan is a 55m luxury sailing yacht for worldwide cruising. It’s a concept yacht designed for the Young Designer Of the Year 2015 competition, it features sleek, simple, and modern lines to offer its passengers immersive experience of living on open water. The overall design reduces interior-exterior barrier with one volume design that creates a sport appeara...
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Solar Powered Sailing Yacht Helios Concept for Young Designer of the Year 2015

Solar Powered Sailing Yacht Helios has been developed for Young Designer of the Year 2015 contest organized by Boat International Media. The performance fly-bridge ketch Helios is an innovative and sustainable 55-metres sailing yacht able to explore the world with accommodations for 10 guests and 8 crew members. The exterior styling of the deck house is modern and is shaped from the soft curves...
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Host Your Next Party on 70m Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht

Awesome 70m Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht would be a great platform to host your next party, of course, this can only happen when you are filthy rich. It offers luxurious facilities from restaurant, conference seating, lounge areas, casino, bar, or nightclub, etc. inside this large 70mx19m. Your guests would have amazing, unforgettable time on board. Powered by electric engines that have over ...
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Solar Powered Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran Features Folding Wingsail

Margot Krasojević has submitted her latest design, it’s a solar powered, hydrofoil Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran. This trimaran features a folding wingsail to allow better lift-to-drag ratio. The frame of the sail features mechanical structure similar to an airplane wing, constructed from carbon fiber with a retractable Kevlar sail covered in aero-nautical film. The sail has the ability to rotate ...
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Imāra Tanker Based Yacht by Motion Code: Blue

Imāra is a conceptual yacht based on a 280-meter long SuezMax tanker platform. Designed by Austrian based yacht design studio Motion Code: Blue, this project is said to be world’s largest yacht, a trendsetter in yacht design that features Austrian design quality. The name Imāra comes from the Arabic word for “emirate”, it’s a perfect name for world’s first tanker sized yacht. Inspir...
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SUBSEE Concept Yacht by Sylvain Viau Design

Subsee concept yacht is a trimaran explorer yacht designed for leisure purposes. This long traveling yacht is operated with integrated lifting system, it’s a yacht specifically designed for exploration trips on dramatic dive locations. You can also choose to use this yacht for charter operations for customers who are interested in water sports at difficult-to-reach areas with no support vessel. ...
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Want to Challenge WhiteWater? Try Alpackalypse Raft!

It took 6 years to design and develop Alpackalypse Raft, one of most advanced, whitewater raft in the market. Especially designed for whitewater fun, this raft has been designed to move quicker with better maneuverability when facing whitewater compared to previous model. It has the ability to be rolled just like a kayak, but let us remind you again, it’s not a kayak, it’s a packraft. Alpac...
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Quadrofoil : Electric Hydrofoiling Personal Watercraft

Would you like to have hydrofoiling as your personal watercraft? Quadrofoil presents you with electric hydrofoiling that offers you efficient and environmentally friendly recreational water transportation. With hydrofoiling patented steering technology, you’ll be able to ride this vehicle and feel like flying on water, it gives you a thrilling water experience. The cool thing about this water...
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