STS A01 Amphibian Jet: An Experimental Sci-Fi Concept Aircraft by Rene Gabrielli

STS A01 is a “SCI-FI” based project, focusing on design ideas used in movies and video games industries. The name STS stands for “Sea To Space”, while A01 is a shortcut for Amphibian 01, which means that this vehicle can travel over land, air...
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Nikola One Six-Wheel Drive, Electric Semi-Truck Allows Dynamic Control of Each Wheel

Nikola One is the first ever, electric-driven class 8 semi-truck from Nikola Motor Company. The company has announced that they have designed and engineered revolutionary 6-wheel drive, almost zero-emission electric truck with ability to pull a total...
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UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) : Floating House by Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule introduces its latest concept, U.F.O., but instead of flying object, U.F.O stands for Unidentified Floating Object. This project has been designed to be respectful to the environment, it’s solar charged floating house with 12.5m diamete...
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Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) for Medium-Short Distance Commute

Need to go somewhere fast? It’s time to test Ehang 184, it’s an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) for medium-short distance commute. Just in case you don’t mind piloting your own drone, Ehang 184 can be the safest, eco-est, and smartest low altit...
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Snoped : A Snowmobile with Cafe Bike Race Posture by Joey Ruiter

Snoped is a lightweight vehicle that allows you to cruise on snow in style. You can experience winter travel on a whole new level. The design combines a snowmobile style with café bike race posture, the lightweight chassis features exposed screws to...
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Huracan City Rover : Micro Car for All

No wonder Huracan City Rover won Michelin 2016 “Mobility for All” Design Challenge, this concept car rethinks the micro-car design so that it can have smaller footprint than a Smart fortwo yet features roomy design. This concept car features f...
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KANI Light Aircraft : Single Person Concept Aircraft for The Year of 2030

KANI is a light, electric powered single person aircraft concept for the year of 2030. It features tilt rotor technology and a 1+1 seat layout meant to serve in national parks for low altitude search and rescue operations. This aircraft would be a gr...
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Autonomous Concept Truck by Zoltan Major

Autonomous vehicles will dominate the future, and one of the first areas that will be affected by this trend will be road transportation. Human driver has several weaknesses, including exhaustion, risk taking, sickness and so on. Also they have to ta...
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Futuristic Personal Helicopter for India by Sreejin Uchummal

From every level of society, people want to spend quality time with their loved ones, want to relax, and want to spend stress-free time in today’s world. But because of the traffic and related stress, traveling in luxury is something that no one is...
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Tempo Futuristic Mobility For The Year of 2050 Encourages Its Passengers to Have Healthy Habit

Futuristic and super compact vehicle has been designed for Bogota in 2050, it’s called Tempo. Tempo is an electric automatic vehicle with capacity of 2 passengers, it’ll be used as public transportation system with fully connected network. This p...
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Ecotranzit : Futuristic Autonomous Urban Shipping Robot

In collaboration with Martin Rico, Charles Bombardier has translated his vision into cool rendered images. Ecotranzit is a project of an autonomous urban shipping robot that works together with shipping truck operators to deliver packages. This littl...
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Wemotaci Concept Snowmobile That Burns Hydrogen Instead of Gasoline

The Wemotaci is new generation of snowmobile that would burn hydrogen instead of gasoline. Inspired by the iceberg, clean surfaces with sharp edges are featured on this concept. The Wemotaci’s modified 888 cc two-stroke engine would produce over...
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Futuristic Space Truck Construction Set by Zukun Plan

This futuristic Space Truck is a concept project to vision a set of high tech construction team launched by people of earth in the year of 2300. Take a look at this Space Truck and his squad tackles all the tasks in most extreme regions of the univer...
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Orga Concept Cart by Milutin Rajić

Orga Cart was a college assignment where students were tasked to come up with shopping transportation design. "Orga" is a concept shopping cart for customers to transport their purchased products inside a shop, especially in the supermarket. It will...
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Vard Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel Features Helideck Design with Multi-Purpose Bridge

Vard is a concept offshore-subsea construction vessel that features new form to integrate complex functionality with a specific character of a company’s brand. The exterior of the Vard Near-future OSCV is designed to further increase the ship's ...
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