Doroni H1 Personal Flying eVTOL Can Be Piloted With Just a Driver’s License

Doroni H1 is your next generation of futuristic flying car that can be piloted with just a driver’s license. The compact size makes it fit in your home garage, it’s a reliable vehicle when you need to cut through heavy traffic. When you live in a big city, no matter your background, social status, income, most often than not, you’ll have to deal with traffic jam just like the rest of us. Not only traffic jam is wasting our time, it also kills the planet. Nowadays, there are many companies that develop eco-friendly and quick way to take you from one place to another with eVTOL, now Doroni wants to join the market.

The company says that you only need about 20 hours of flight training before you can get a license to fly its H1.

Doroni H1 Personal Flying eVTOL

Developed by Doroni Aerospace, H1 is a concept eVTOL that launches itself to the sky just like a 3D elevator. In fact, Doron Merdinger, CEO of Doron, says that piloting Doroni H1 would be as simple as operating an elevator, you’ll wonder how you ever drove a car. The cockpit is designed in a way that makes it extremely user-friendly, Doroni took away all the complications, everything is made simple to fly, basically just push three buttons. Founded in 2016, the company plans to create a full scale prototype of its aircraft by the end of the year.

Doroni H1 eVTOL is designed with four legs, offering the stability of a table. The cabin is spacious enough for two passengers, including ten independent propulsion systems. Its compact size makes it possible to keep it in a two-car garage. H1 is capable to reach a maximum speed of 140mph with a cruising speed of 100mph.

Doroni H1 Personal Flying eVTOL

Doroni H1 Personal Flying eVTOL

Doroni H1 Personal Flying eVTOL

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