Wearable Extinguisher Allows Firemen to Work More Efficiently

Designed specially for firemen to make their work more practical and efficient, Wearable Extinguisher is concept dual-purpose extinguisher that frees the hands. Right now, firemen are trained to carry oxygen cylinders on their backs while holding spr...
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SafeTrig – Emergency Desk Designed for Use in Seismic Areas

Designed especially for seismic areas, SafeTrig is an emergency desk that also provides safe shelter during earthquake. It’s a compact desk for students in the classroom. Using conventional desk, there are two main problems when earthquake happens,...
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Connect : A Life Jacket and Floating Device In One

Life jackets are very crucial rescue equipment during a shipwreck, however, it is designed to fit one person per jacket. Connect is an innovative concept life jacket where it has section that can be split off in order to create a larger floating unit...
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Cosmo Connected Smart Helmet Accessory Is Connected to Your Brake Light

Cosmo Connected has launched a crowd funding campaign for its smart helmet accessory. It’s the world’s first connected brake light especially designed to keep all motorcycle riders safe. This safety device turns on a red signal at eye-level to th...
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ACCESS : A Highly Portable Emergency River Crossing Platform

Flood can cause damage to buildings, structures, including bridges. ACCESS is an emergency river-crossing bridge that can be installed to gain access from one side to another side of the river. This unit is easy to transport with simple mechanism tha...
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Eversafe – Gas Rescue Concept Helmet with An Instant Escape Hood

Eversafe is special gas rescue helmet designed to protect workers in an emergency situation such as a gas alarm. In the event of a gas alarm in chemical plant, workers have to hold their breath and wear an escape hood before they can leave the site, ...
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Mastercard Biometric Card Offers Additional Security for In-Store Purchases

Mastercard has unveiled its revolutionary next generation card, a Biometric card that combines chip technology with fingerprints. This technology would conveniently and safely verify the owner’s identity for in-store purchases. At this moment, Sout...
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Stylish Bloom Collapsible Safety Helmet Protects Your Head in A Single Movement

Similar to Overade and Fend, Bloom offers collapsible safety helmet that folds in a single movement. This safety helmet design won a Good Design Award in 2013, now it’s commercially available to provide you with head protection (also approved by th...
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Woobi Play Anti-Pollution Mask for Children Uses Certified micro HEPA Filter

Designed specially for children, Woobi Play is an anti-pollution mask that would filter at least 95% of dangerous airborne particulate matter. Available mask on the market is designed for adults, it is not comfortable for children to wear. This conce...
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Soundshield Helmet: Audio for Action Sports by Unit 1

Soundshield Helmet is not just an ordinary head protection, it’s a helmet and headphones combined. With other integrated audio helmet, you need to wear it to enjoy your audio, but not in this case. The headphones have been designed to be removable,...
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Privacy Pop Bed Tent Offers Comfort and Privacy

Privacy Pop offers a unique bed tent that’s designed to provide its user a maximum comfort and privacy. Bed Tent can be set up just about anywhere, both indoor and outdoor, the simple mechanism allows for fast set up as well as take down. The mater...
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FireArc Instantaneous Fire Extinguisher Works Similar to a Lifejacket

FireArc Instantaneous Fire Extinguisher has been designed to provide user with reliable fire safety device. A fully functional fire extinguisher would become extremely crucial in the event of fire. Most of us own a fire extinguisher at home, unfortun...
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Hammer Anvil Ultra Slim Front Pocket Wallet with RFID Protection

Hammer Anvil pocket wallet offers you a super slim, RFID protected wallet. Thanks to Hammer Anvil’s Anti-Breach technology, you can stop anyone from accessing your information illegally, wireless readers won’t be able to get through the RFID prot...
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Senik Fire Extinguisher Redesign Is Easy to Use and Reduces Any Mental Load for Users

Fire safety in urban areas are usually inadequate, Senik is a concept fire extinguisher designed to make fire safety tools more accessible to diverse range of users and contexts. This project aims to create a low cost yet innovative fire extinguisher...
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Malvaux Model Number 1 Knife Is Designed with Better Opening and Ergonomic Value

Featuring a single blade, Malvaux Number 1 Knife has been designed as a cutting tool with better opening and ergonomic value. As a piece of Swiss cultural heritage, this knife features polished stainless steel for the blade, the lever is water-jet cu...
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