R.A.I.D. The latest Special Ops Ballistic Helmet That Looks Cool

RAID helmet is a concept protection equipment designed for United Shield International. The brief was to create appealing, exciting design that soldier would want to wear, the design should look forward to the future and put the company ahead of the curve. The helmet should look so cool that even Tom Cruise would wear it in his next movie, well, it’s no small task since this helmet would be worn...
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Tsunami Warning System Functions As Ordinary Traffic Signs During Normal Times

In the event of tsunami, situations can be pretty chaotic. This Tsunami Warning System has been designed to combine function of traffic signs to give emergency routes information in the city, but it can also be used as general traffic sign during normal times. When these traffic signs receive a tsunami warning, it would automatically switch to evacuation signs, guiding people toward the shelters. ...
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Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires

Every year there are more than 50,000 forest fires occurring all over the world, this is a serious problem since forest is an essential habitat for wildlife, produces oxygen that we breathe, controls pollution, and prevents erosion. Green Eudemon has been designed to monitor the forest, each unit can cover a large area to protect the forest in the event of fire. Conventional satellite monitoring, ...
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BMW Motorrad Concept Helmet with Head-up Display for Safer Journey

BMW Motorrad takes motorcycle riding safety to the next level with its latest concept helmet. It aims to set new standards in motorcycle safety, the helmet is equipped with a head-up display to provide real time information about its surrounding to the rider. This means road information would always be available in your sights, in road traffic, it only takes a fraction of a second to place a rider...
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L’Oréal My UV Patch Features Transparent, Stretchable Adhesive That Monitors UV Exposure

L’Oréal has released My UV Patch, an innovative stretchable skin sensor that monitors UV exposure, helping you to learn about sun protection. This technology arrives at the perfect time, the moment when sun exposure has become a major health issue nowadays with 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers being connected with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. To help detect excessive UV radiation ex...
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Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet Is A Full Face Helmet with Rear Access for Better Safety

Started in 2005 when John Vozzo was working on the garage on a sky diving helmet, then his brother’s friend Mark Bryant walked in. This was the moment where Mark saw a solution of his problem he’d been having within the horse racing industry, a rear hinged helmet that click together for closing instead of pull on and pull off. This could solve the problem where helmets come off under impact an...
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Light Ball : A Conceptual Light and Air Purifier for Firemen

In the event of fire, darkness and smoke are the biggest reasons why firemen encounter difficulty when they need to rescue survivors, especially after the fire is extinguished. Light Ball is a conceptual device designed for firemen that emits light and absorbs smoke. Carrying this portable light would help firemen to rescue lives in more effective way as you know, fumes produce poisonous gas and t...
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Air+ Smart Mask : Ergonomic Concept Face Mask with Add-on Micro Ventilators System

STUCK teamed up with Innosparks to design Air+ Smart Mask. It’s a series of conceptual respirators with innovative add-on Micro Ventilators System, offering a ground-breaking level of ergonomic and airflow comfort for user. This innovative design presents you world’s first exhalation extraction micro ventilator, it has also achieved NIOSH and CE certifications for masks that are fit tested for...
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SUGITA ACE Minim+Aid Features 5cm Wide Waterproof Tube to Carry Basic Emergency Supply Kit

SUGITA ACE has asked Nendo to design modern emergency kit for disaster preparedness. Minim+Aid is a 5cm wide waterproof tube that floats, it contain basic kit you need to survive when a disaster strikes. It’s been known that Japan has faced numerous natural disasters, especially earthquake. On March 11, 2011 this country was struck by earthquake to remind them once again the importance of disast...
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RainBender Umbrella Opens and Closes Inside a Cylinder Tube

RainBender Umbrella keeps you dry while containing the rain inside the umbrella. Similar to Kazbrella and Unbrella, this redesigned umbrella features innovative mechanism that makes it open and close inside a state-of-the-art cylinder tube. In this way, when you enter your car, the rain would be kept off of you and your car interior. Every attention was give to detail, quality, and functionality, ...
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Campinguard : Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Camping Tent

Camping is fun, and of course, it’s not complete without campfire. Campinguard is a conceptual automatic fire extinguishing system to protect campers because when a campfire is not constructed properly, it might cause fire. When there’s a fire in a tent, the tent would be burnt down in less than 60 seconds, not to mention it might also cause a bushfire. This kind of accident usually occurs whe...
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August Doorbell Cam : Smart Door Bell for Smart Home

As part of August Smart Home Access System, this company also releases August Doorbell Cam that also works together with free August app to make your life easier and more secure. Just like its name suggests, it’s a combination of a door bell and camera where you can always tell who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home, you can speak and see visitors through your smartphone. Even...
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Signal Life Jacket Features SOS Balloon for Faster Rescue

Life Jacket is a personal flotation device to keep wearer afloat in water may be either conscious or unconscious. Unfortunately, sometimes, keep its wearer afloat is not enough, that’s why we need something like Signal Life Jacket. It’s a conceptual life jacket with an SOS balloon, it aims to create better safety equipment where the balloon can turn into an obvious signal above sea level where...
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Cypress Umbrella Features Independent Suspension System Against Strong Winds

Cypress Umbrella looks just like an ordinary umbrella, but don’t skip this page yet, you’ll be amazed once you know about its innovative suspension system. This project offers you world’s first fully telescopic umbrella with interchangeable canvas. The idea started as an ambition to develop smallest and portable everyday umbrella while retaining its strength. Unfortunately, after countless w...
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Dronegg : First Aid System for Rescue Operation at Sea

In recent years, we’ve seen hundreds of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, especially refugees to escape from brutal wars and migrants who seek for better life in another country. The rising numbers of death toll at EU's sea borders can no longer be ignored. Dronegg is a special project aims to provide innovative solution to protect these people from mass drowning when their boat caps...
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