UNIQLO AIRism 3D Mask Features Stitchless Design for Softer Touch on Your Skin

UNIQLO is about to release its next generation mask, AIRism 3D Mask. The new design harmonizes function with design, it still features a triple-layer structure where there’s a high-performance filter in between the outer AIRism fabric. Designed with 3D form, the new design makes it easier to breathe. Completely stitchless, this mask is jointed in special mechanism to create softer touch on your skin.

Uniqlo Airism 3D Mask by Tokujin Yoshioka

Tasked by UNIQLO, Tokujin Yoshioka went through countless and careful prototyping to get the perfect curve of the mask, it would create a sleek silhouette when worn. Inspired by the production technique of underwear, this mask can be formed together through welding the fabric, therefore, AIRism 3D Mask is totally stitchless, achieving softer touch on the skin. It’s simple, functional, and comfortable mask to wear.

Uniqlo Airism 3D Mask by Tokujin Yoshioka

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