USB Flash Drive That Can Show Space Status

The main functions of this USB flash concept is collecting, gathering and acquiring information, which can easily be realized from its innovative shape. Aside from making it stylish, the smooth curvature case of the flash drive with silver finish and glossy edge design allows it to be disconnected easily from the computer. The small display located at the back of the device will show the drive’s capacity, status of used and remaining space, and certain symbols and writings. The presentation of...
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Innovative Strollers That Future Babies Will Love to Ride

Young student designer Liviu has envisioned a set of innovative strollers that have been specially designed with a different, friendly and organic approach and functionality than the current existing strollers. All these have a unique outlook and are enriched with different handy features by incorporating latest technology. Compact size, adjustable handle and height, greater stability, storage space, weather protection and safety are the common features of these strollers. With these innovative ...
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Innovative Hydrofill Charging Station Turns Water Into Electricity

The Hydrofill is an innovative electronic gadget charging solution that utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell to charge a range of electronic products such as mobile phones, ipods, cameras, and many more. This palm-size, ultra-portable charger extracts hydrogen from water and features two special metal alloy made cartridge including highly convenient home refilling station set to store the hydrogen in solid state. Unlike traditional compressed tanks, this refillable container contains very low pressu...
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Westfield iRACER Car Can Evade Gravity

iRACER is a futuristic concept car that has been designed by Westfield to take part in the “electrical” EV Cup racing series. The tubular frame of the iRACER is covered by outer light panels and the center of gravity has been lowered to reduce the conjugation with air by partially placing the innovative lithium-phosphate battery under the floor. With a total capacity of 107 hp (80 kW), the two featured electric motors can generate a torque of 1000 Nm and allows the car to go 100 km/h in less...
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Stylish and Innovative Earph Earphone-Waiting To Be Touched

The Earph earphone concept gives the user an ultimate wireless convenience with its ergonomic design and excellent functionality. The concept features two independent sound units, one with the volume control and other contains the required controls for changing sound track. All the buttons are touch sensitive and can be operated through simple touch with the finger. Both of the parts contain Anoite light to indicate the left and right and are interconnected via Bluetooth. (more…)...
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Snowmobile Sports Car Has Been Designed to Lead the Racetrack

The bird like shape of the Snowmobile concept sports car leaves an impression about some kind of flying vehicle to the viewers during the first sight. Even though the vehicle can’t fly for sure, it has all the potential to reach the finish line on the race track before anyone else. Since the vehicle is supposed to be driven in icy track, it doesn’t contain any tires; rather, a ski board at the front and a rotating chain on 3 electric motors are featured at the back. The power of both the fro...
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Tafoni Floating Home Can Enhance Water Living Experience

The concept Tafoni Floating Home has been developed aiming to change the attitude of people’s living on a houseboat, especially for those who are living at the Sausalito houseboat district of California. The minimal and simple concept features stunning exterior and the interior with three major parts, living area at the front, kitchen and bedroom with bathroom and closet area at the back. The kitchen and a fully glazed sunroom is situation at the middle part of the concept and the main entr...
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With Police Bike, Petrol Police Can Go Anywhere Now

The cars or bikes of the petrol police are effective, but not in all aspects, especially in case of an area that is difficult to reach due to congestion. Police bike is an innovative bicycle concept that can improve the effectiveness of the police force with better visibility and great mobility. Aside from pursuing a criminal, it would be very much handy to extend relationship between police and residents and tourists by improving education, information and communication or can be used to gather...
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Eco-Friendly Nokia Phone Empowered With Bio Battery

The concept green phone has specially been designed for Nokia as an alternative power source of expensive and valuable resource consuming batteries that are hard to disposal and damaging to the environment. The key objective of the concept is to replace traditional batteries with bio battery to create a phone that helps keeping the environment free from pollution. The ecologically friendly bio battery generates electricity from carbohydrates or sugar by utilizing enzymes as the mechanism. The bi...
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Transform Your Tabletop a Touch Screen Instantly with Light Touch

Light Touch is an innovative projector with the ability to transform any flat surface into an interactive touch screen where users can play with the content just like they do on hand held devices using multi-touch feature. The integrated Holographic Laser Projection technology allows the projector to produce high-quality video in WVGA resolution. Its functional infrared sensors can detect any sorts of motion and turns the projected image in to 10.1” touch screen that allows the user to control...
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Comprehensive Wireless Music Entertainment with Wall Radio

Wall radio is an innovative wireless radio concept that can stream internet radio, music or podcasts by using Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in the home especially in the kitchen. The upper portion of this sleek and stylish radio shows details of the file it is playing at the moment and can be hanged anywhere on the wall receptacle which surely will enhance the décor of your home interior. It features a Wi-Fi remote that contains all the necessary controls and can be attached with the radio itself...
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One Button Lens-Less Digital Opti Camera

The Opti camera concept has been ergonomically designed for future that features a one button operation interface and fits easily in your hand. This handy button can do everything such as power up, select preference, zoom and taking photos that can be conveniently operated through your thumb. As the name shows, the camera uses an opti-digital mess instead of conventional lens which is an LCD type optical input that reflects the image on the other side on a digital LCD screen. This screen remains...
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Riding Aerok Bicycle? Or Swimming on It?

The innovative Aerok Bicycle concept is inspired by the formula 1 and introduces an extraordinary style of riding the bike by laying down in a swimming position on the chest and cycling the legs to speed up. When it comes about turning, the rider will have to move his arms front and back which will give them better controlling. The aerodynamic outer body of the bike is called the shell, made of sturdy carbon fiber, which not only enhances the visor of the bike, but also helps it to run faster by...
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MARLIN Yacht by Demetrius Tanase : A Bridge between Nature and Mankind

The eco-friendly MARLIN concept yacht concept is a combination of several design concepts and ground-breaking elements that offer maximum luxury and performance. The shape of the specious deck allows the crew to move conveniently and the ergonomically designed cockpit seats include additional space under the folding seats for the driver’s legs. Moreover, the bow deck offers additional comfort and recreation to the boarders by acting as a chaise-lounge. MARLIN contains two innovative inflata...
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The Giant 3 Tier Futuristic Enso Yacht

The 140 feet Enso Yacht concept was inspired by the Zen Buddhism and other eastern philosophies and has been designed to offer the sea enthusiasts a great and eco-friendly sailing alternative. The yacht features three parts, two long structure that contains the movable controlling sails and open space to hang around, and the center area that remains off the sea and contains living and entertain zone. The lounge area features a retractable glass roof that will enhance the boarder’s sunbathing e...
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