Nissan Motivity 400C with Maglev System

Motivity 400C is a future car concept which is the latest creation of Nissan with brilliant visor and stunning functional features. This concept uses maglev's engine system that has made it even powerful along with every tire that allows great control, functionality and style. The triangle shaped bode of this car reduces drag of air, therefore, this car provides superior acceleration and is able to save more power. Steering wheel of this design has been kept traditional so that the user can enjo...
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Multi Mode Vehicle : You Can Turn Your Motorbike to Aircraft

Multi Mode Vehicles or MMVs are an effort of Samson Motorworks to overcome the car’s inability to fly, and considering the aerodynamic and weight related issues of 4-wheel vehicles, they have embarked on an assignment to develop a flying 3-wheel motorcycle. Two models of duel-use MMVs are under development, first one is Skybike with a patent telescoping wing and the other one is the Switchblade that utilizes a scissors wing design and can retract the wings when you are riding in the freeway. ...
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Sea King Luxury Yacht by Adam Schacter

The Sea King Yacht has been made keeping the Middle Eastern market in mind. It is the kind of luxury yacht that you can comfortably live in overnight. It has the best to offer its customers with no compromises what-so-ever. The entire structure is made of the finest of wood and is 60 feet. The body has an elegant streamlined shape to be and this yacht can take passengers with ease between islands. The manufacturers have been able to showcase a fine use of the traditional and the modern. Every li...
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Drop Macro Lamp for Your Living Room

If you are looking for the latest in photography then macro photos is a must. It is the latest entrant in the photography world. It is the kind that is unique and unusual. The idea for the Macro photos came from the waves and the movement of water. This was further made use of in creating an illumination object. The direction and liquidity got in these photos is amazing. When you look at them you feel as though there are drops of water on the photo. Three dimensional effects add to the realistic...
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Thrones : Computer Recliner Concept by Anthony Sanchez

The Thrones V1.0 is a concept computing recliner specially designed for the gaming market and society. It is an interactive device that allows a person to explore the digital media without using conventional input devices such as mouse or keyboards; instead, there are two touch surfaces and a footrest that can be adjusted according to your needs for longer computing comfortably. The screen is 18 inches, hence minimizes eye strain and it can also turn to transparent when not in use. When working...
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MAC Motorcycles with 5-Speed ‘Blast’ Engine

Mac Motorcycles are the latest motorcycle design range consisting 4 bikes crafted by two British design studio Ellis Pitt and Xenephya Design. This development is an outcome of over 9 months of diligent effort of the design team. All the models comprise the same engine and feature 500 cubes of working volume. These concept designs are described by Ellis Pitt as an outcome of confusion between Italian motorcycle Chopper and some others. These concept models have been named as Spud, Peashooter, Ru...
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Bionamic Single Seater Car Concept Features Two Joysticks Instead of Steering Wheel

Bionamic is a single seater, electrically powered concept speed car specially designed with stunning visual and great functionality. The black part on the body of this car is actually an active surface made of Carbon Nanotube Muscle Suit and the silver body part is passive elastic sheathing made of Carbon/Metal Nanotube Alloy. All over the active muscle suit, there are millions of energy cells lying on to get direct contact with sunlight. Moreover, the Ion Intake absorbs the ions from the enviro...
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Stunning Vertical Park Design for Mexico City

Vertical Park is a stunning concept skyscraper that has been designed to overcome the impressive pressure of thickening smog and population on the fast expanding metropolis of Mexico City. While the city is having lack of green spaces, this modular skyscraper is envisioned as a series of solar powered stacking units containing green gardens and additional space for living and working. Each module of this concept can be customized to provide space for private and public use, solar and water colle...
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Domo : Touch Screen Digital Camera Concept

After being introduced by iPhone, many other competitors of the electronic industry have utilized the outstanding multi-touch facility in different gadgets. Domo touch camera probably would be the first camera with this feature. However, this project is still in the design lab and not much information has revealed yet, but the compact, sleek yet simple design of this camera would really be appreciated. This camera features single click shooting and the photo pops up just after taking the snap fo...
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CarGo Vehicle One Seater Car Concept for Inner City Deliveries

CarGo is a unique concept vehicle with variable wheelbase, track and load carrying designs aiming to overcome the increasing urban traffic congestion problem which affects numerous delivery companies everyday. Primarily, the battery powered CarGo is designed in a compact mode for inner city deliveries which allows the driver to adapt the vehicle quickly to suit both busy traffic conditions and load volume/type. This one seater concept car has three standard configurations, compact mode for busy ...
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Global Bathrom : All-in-One Bathroom for Universal User

Global Bathroom is an all-in-one bathroom concept that can serve you with all aspect. This concept comprises a four shelved wardrobe for storing cloths and others along with an on-top roller shaped cloth dryer that will prove highly helpful during cold and rainy weather. The right part includes another storage space for bath supplies like soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. The center part is the main bathing unit with a rooftop shower. The most amazing feature of this global bathroom is...
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Aqualis Mooring Concept by Andrew Bedov

Aqualis is a concept mooring, an innovative replacement of the 15 moorings located in the center of Moscow. The closed spatial scheme has movement of passengers and inside, there are open spaces for relax, zones with countless sofas, café and a library, and the left part contains an open viewing platform. The décor of the entire structure has been enhanced with the horizontal and vertical beams that divides the inside platform space. The smoothly designed interior as well as the entrance of t...
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Ku! Phone Concept with Ability to Form Switches, Buttons, and Wipers Over The Surface

Nowadays, touchscreens are drastically being used by mobile phone manufacturers but among many others, missing of tactility problem is taking place most often. Ku Phone is a revolutionary touchscreen phone concept that can overcome this problematic approach by passing a temperate electric current for different material sizes both linear and three-dimensional ones. This handset is designed to form switches, buttons, wipers, etc over the surface of the mobile for any particular application. Moreov...
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Rolly Cook : Portable Oven Concept

Medical researches have shown that burnt food is always harmful for human body and are linked with the expansion of cancer cells. So, in order to keep your food unburned, you need to swirl it regularly which reduces the possibility of your food getting burned. Rolly Cook is a portable oven concept that can efficiently do this for you allowing more convenience and extra time to use for other purpose. This handy tool reduces the risk of burning your food in an innovative and well-designed way. It ...
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Freescale Modular Netbook Based on ARM Technology

Portable workbooks with various features and brands are ever-increasingly popping up everyday and designers are still looking to introduce more functional gadgets. Smartbook is a concept design by Freescale who has specially made six prototypes with a wide range of features. These modular mini-notebooks are based on ARM processors and emphasize on enhanced super-long battery life in order to fit in different usage patterns. These compact smartbooks, with brilliant look, durable made and great fu...
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