Zon Hearing Aid Has Been Awarded as People Design Awards by National Design Museum

Hearing aid has always been a stuff to be used in hidden, but with the launch of Zon Hearing Aid it has turned up to something which is being intended to be shown on. Designed by Stuart Karten the product is depicted in a shape of tiny earring with a hanging top that consist of the sensor. At a glance no one will find it to be an electronic device, it looks much like a stylish earring often used by teenagers. It comes in various colors keeping in mind the varying complexions of the user. The pro...
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Icono Telephone Concept Using Touch Screen and Animated Path to Dial the Numbers

This product represents a combination of modern as well as traditional features of a telephone. Icono has been designed to offer a unique experience to its users. The design is based on the hand gesture that people use to represent the telephone. There are two parts of this handset, one is earphone and another one is microphone. Therefore, the user has to use the iconic gesture while using the telephone. The modern part of this device includes the touch screen that shows the animated path to the...
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Tumblehomez Cruiser Design by Daniel Nätterdal

This is the boat design that you should check out; its high tech design and ultra tech mechanism makes it an advanced cruisers. Its streamlined design makes it fit to cruise through the flow of water with lightning speed. Comfortable and secure seats with a steering at the front provide an easy handling of the boat. Sharp metallic edge at the top offers minimum resistance to the flow of water thus ensuring maximum efficiency to the engine. Symmetric structure with hard metal allows rings on both...
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E-Note, Flexible Electronic Paper Concept by Sequoia Studio

Issued from QUO, the laboratory and concept brand of the industrial agency Sequoia-Studio, E-note is a conceptual project which is exploring what could be the future of the reminder. E-note is using the tactile and flexible electronic paper technology, and is powered by a solar captor. E-note can be stuck, and unstuck, easily and durably, with special “Gecko” glue, inspired by nature and the lizard of the same name. E-note is coming with a visual alarm function, 8 possible colors of message ...
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Algaster Harvesting Robot for Future Agriculture

Here comes an amazing alga harvesting system designed to bring advancement in future Agriculture. Algaster is a harvesting machine with the capacity to harvest 100kg of alga and it stores the loan in ten containers attached on the upper side. The unit is less powerful but is created with more intelligent ideas. The shape of the unit is similar to an insect with four legs. Algae are used for energy production due to the high level of oil content. Algaster helps in the process of water cleaning in...
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“Leaf Lamp” is Inspired by Mother Nature

Now even you have the option to take part in eco-friendly drive by bringing in home the "Leaf Lamp". It is a floor lamp designed in the shape of a plant with its leaves spreading all around. Inspired by Mother Nature, designer Sofian Tallal of France has created a beautiful lamp that could be used as a table lamp, floor lamp or study lamp. Each of its leaves spread white light with a medium frequency so as to provide a soothing effect to your eyes. Hanging switch interprets the dew drops that a...
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Futuristic Honda The Great Race in 2025 : Combination of Marine, Jet, Robotic, and Automotive

Here comes something beyond our imagination. The Great Race 2025 is a futuristic concept car created by Honda. This design is surely inspired by some dragon games because the design looks like an unbelievable car with dragon wings that can be used to fight and travel any kind of track. The concept is designed to fulfill all the demands of a great race in 2025 which will be a toughest race ever devised. The vehicle's sonar sensors are smart enough to detect the changes in speed, terrain and altit...
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“Yo” : MP3 Player Dock with Removable Speakers

Instead of taking your music player for an outing how would it be if you just need to take your ipod or MP3? Yes you can enjoy the same loud music through your ipod with the help of Yo stereo speakers by American designer Victor Vetterlein. YO is a portable MP3 player dock with removable speakers. Due to its compatibility it could be taken anywhere just as your ipod or MP3 player. It is fitted with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can either be charged through power supply or simply by w...
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“Out of Sight Out of Mind” (OSOM) Modular Table Concept

While working in office for hours you might find it difficult to adjust everything on the table and it sometimes go messy. A comfortable workspace is a basic need of society. “Out of sight Out of mind” is a new revolutionized table concept that provides a comfortable workspace a neat freak could ever want. Fitted with tons of modular storage units and wide spacious racks with plenty of spaces provides a complete freedom to carry on your work without any interruption. Its layout can even be c...
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IC3 : Spoon, Fork, and Knife can Analyze Your Food

Get ready to have intelligent crockery with you, wherever you go. This crockery can analyze the sugar, fat and lactose level available in your food. This intelligent shaft has three different types of add on including spoon, fork and knife. The spoon adds the weight of food eaten, the knife can measure temperature and the fork can take small probes of the food and analyze the components of fat, proteins, and sugar. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and that is why it can easily send the data...
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Maitre D’og Pet Food Dispenser for Busy Pet Owners

Maitre D'og is a device that helps in preparing adequate amount of food for your pet. You just need to select settings on control interface to start timer and when timer expires, digital scales disperse proper amount. Once the food is ready, a pleasant tone sounds and your pet can eat food in the tray. Maitre Dog features a convenient dry food scoop for convenient and mess free filling. The tray can be easily removed and cleaned where food is served. This product reduces your headache to prepare...
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Insecta, Futuristic Car Inspired By A Grasshopper

Insecta, as the name suggests is something related to insects, exactly what the designer Shao Yung Yeh thought of while designing this new revolutionized car. Inspired by a grasshopper he designed this car with such a unique combination of colors and design. This is a battery powered personal vehicle that looks much like a grasshopper with its legs connected to the central chassis as a thorax. Just as the abdomen of the grasshopper, a battery pack is fixed at the bottom pretending it more like a...
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Environmentaly Friendly BMW Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer Concept

This design is nothing less than a rocket with four wheels, ready to accelerate. BMW has come up with a hydrogen powered design which is racer based on the basis of reuse. This concept car was presented in 2008 LA Auto Show Design Challenge Competition. Ordinary materials like barbeque lids and old oil barrels are used as the components of Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer. BMW has tried its best to bring forward an environment friendly racer car. The wheels are gel-nylon for obligatory flex that allows ...
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Happy Bicycle Transforms Your Suitcase Into A Bicycle

Check out this two-in-one concept designed by Believe. It is a folding bicycle which can also be used as a complete suitcase. Yes, this bike can be folded down into a suitcase within 10 seconds whenever you want it. This bike weighs 8 to 9 KG only. You can take it along with you easily while traveling because now you do not need to carry your luggage. Once you come out of airport, just transform your suitcase in a dork bike and simply ride home. This concept has already been brought into reality...
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Hanger Skype Phone by Eno Setiawan

Check out this cool futuristic concept of hanger phone proposal for Skype. This phone is made up of materials like Aluminium plate, polycarbonate and polyurethane etc. You just need to pick it up to make a call and once you are done just hang it up to end the call. The phone can also be used while it is connected to the computer. The dock keeps receiving the Bluetooth connection from the phone and transfers it to the computer. There is a battery indicator for showing 'full', 'low' or 'need to ch...
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