Bridges Used as Transport Links, Eerial Housing, and Skyborne Agricultural Complexes, All in One

Viktor Ramos, an architecture student, elaborates a brilliant idea to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Victor's simple but absolute genius concept shows bridging the Palestinian and Israel territories with huge structures, that can uphold life, house people, and let the people, animals and goods free transit. These bridges will be over each country's ground so that nobody will become isolated. This project is obviously huge but if it is structurally possible, it will bring a new look of th...
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The Lamborghini Insecta Car Concept for Extreme Racing

Iulian Bumbu, a Romanian professional car designer, designed The Lamborghini Insecta keeping an extreme racing supercar in mind. The design of this mid-engined 2-seater supercar combines the styling cues of the brand with elements encouraged by insect exoskeletons. The idea was based on introducing more organic and softer lines and combining them into the geometrical approach of Lamborghini. The inspiration mainly came from nature, particularly from the exoskeletons of insects which can be found...
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Futuristic Sinthesya Lighting System

Sinthesya is both an indoor and an outdoor lighting system or a light lamp that was designed by D'arc Studio and the talented Camillo Vanacore, a designer who is known for awesome but state of the art designs and creations. This lighting system has leaf-shaped design which coincided with its inspiration – the chlorophyllous photosynthesis that naturally happens in the leaves of plant. This Sinthesya lighting also has a number of desirable characteristics such as photovoltaic panels that render...
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RKS Laundry Pod : Do Small Load Quickly

Laundry POD can perfectly simplify your life by quickly cleaning a small load while no energy gets wasted. Hand washables and delicates can have some terrific attentions with the gentle spinning action that washes, rinses and extracts water to lessen drying times. This product is very much eco-conscious since it is made from recycled objects. You can re-use gray water for flushing, watering plants, etc and can use the POD anywhere; as a result, trips to dry cleaner and Laundromat can be reduced....
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Pho Tableware Design was Inspired by Vietnamese Lantern

If you look around, you will be able to find huge number of different type fancy bowl sets and Omid Sadri would be the one you will like most. The design of this bowl set was inspired by the shape of the Vietnamese lantern and the bowl set is projected to enrich and simplify the eating experience the famous soup of Vietnamese. You will be able to carry the soup and its several condiments easily, as well as create a whole new experience of eating by exposing and removing the different layers. Bes...
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Hyundai 2020 Family City Car Project by Nicolas Stone

With brilliant features and an exceptional look, the final design of Hyundai 2020 City Car has already been exposed by Nicolas Stone. This car is designed to present a new idea of a compact car with a plug-in hybrid, based on the recent revolutionary technology developed by MIT. The exterior shell of this car is shown as latest transparent solar panels that will collect ambient light for generating electricity. This car is powered by a photosynthesis artificial system by utilizing the latest ene...
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Power Hog : Teach Your Kids How to Conserve Energy

Do you have difficulty in teaching your kids to conserve energy? Or teaching them to save? Here is a good gadget that can help you teach kids to save. It is called Power Hog. As the name suggests, it takes the shape of the famous icon for saving – the pig. It functions as a meter when your kids play video games or watch TV. It uses loose change or coins as “payment” deposited inside it for a set of time to use a game station or the TV. Just simply plug these appliances into the snout of th...
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Quadbot Robot Design by Norio Fujikawa

The industrial designer Norio Fujikawa has brought to you the concept of a super robot that can perform even in the extreme climate conditions, called Quadbot. With a self contained power source, this robot will be able to survive for several days in the harsh natural conditions. This useful robot will be helpful for various purposes ranging from rescuing passengers of a crashed aircraft to collect data for environmental scientific projects. Pretty awesome robot design, huh? Norio says : "Thi...
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Philips Master LED Bulb

The Master LED bulb from Philips has the same form as an old-fashioned one, making it simple to use for the people and feel comfortable about using it. Even though the bulb draws 7 watts only, it gives off light equal to a 40 watt bulb and lasts around 45,000 hours which about 30x the length of a normal bulb. This Master LED bulb is available in Europe already and should reach the North American shores before July. Designer : Philips via [Gizmodo and Core77]...
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Futuristic Audi Shark Sports Car Concept Just Won Desire Design Competition

If you are a sports car fanatic, chances are that you had heard about this very famous and award winning sports car design – The Audi Shark. This sports car concept was designed by Kazim Doku and had just won the top price in the recently concluded 2008 Desire Design Competition in Italy by the Domus Academy. Are you ready for the future? The Audi Shark is a flying vehicle. A two-seater flying car was inspired by the designs of the motorcycle and the airplane combined. With sleek shark-look, t...
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In Nissan NV200, Function Becomes The Aesthetic

Nissan NV200 is dedicated to small business professionals that always on the move. This car exterior might not appeal too much for design conscious people but the NV200 has a very nice interior design that worth considering. Take a look inside Nissan NV200, you'll get the impression that this particular model is built for professional oceanic photographer, a full equipment-specific storage to a full computer workstation is ready to use. Definitely not just a regular small van but one with innova...
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Sourdine Wi-Fi Speaker Design from Arnaud Lapierre

Sourdine is one of the speaker designs for the Wi-Fi systems. The gadget incorporates the best of technology which aims to serve the young generation. The body of this particular speaker is made from a material that has elastic properties. This is the reason why the device can soften the effect of the music. But because of the elastic property the volume of the speaker can be enhanced and increased. This is also capable of hosting the Wi-Fi connection in various types of music systems. This is ...
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Multi Pen : 3-in-one Device for Diabetic Patients

Multipen is a 3-in-one device consisting injection of insulin, blood sample taking needle and blood sugar measuring unit. Generally, diabetic patients have to carry those individual instruments in order to keep the sugar level in control. With this elegant multi pen, all these necessary items can be obtained in one instrument. Besides, you don't need to carry extra needles and strips since the pen resides up to six of each. One end of this device has a blood sugar measuring unit with digital dis...
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sunLight, a Scaleable Gadget that Generates Power from Solar Energy

The unique product called sunLight is a concept that utilizes the natural energy both for its usage and storage. It is one unit that has all the aspects in one device like generating, storing and consuming the electrical energy. The device designed for a long lifecycle with the same components and no replacement of spares, and even if, there is a need for replacement of spares due to any malfunction, the same can be done without much of an effort and cost. Thus it's not just environment friendly...
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Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 Supercar

Lamborghini has released the first pictures of its Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce supercar and those who have seen them will surely admire that this is one of their most excellent inventions. The LP 670-4 SuperVeloce is lighter, faster and more powerful than their previous version LP-640 which is already pretty fast. Lamborghini has increased the power of LP-670 to 670 hp and the 487 lb-ft of Lambo’s 605L V12 torque. This features has made it an extremely fast vehicle and all these was achie...
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