Altec Lansing Mini by Kimming Yap and Yulia Saksen

Music is the passion to people from all age groups and a handy and beautiful device that can play music for long hours due to the excellent battery back up is always adored. Altec Lansing mini is a great device introduced by the brand recently. It is small and portable to be carried into the pocket or purse. The main cylindrical body of the music tool features stark blue that makes it a favorite of the youngsters. There is a plugging option using which you can insert the tool into your MP3 playe...
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Bloom Baby Bed Concept To Ensure Baby Safety

It is always good for a baby if it can sleep at a close proximity to their parents. They feel secured and loved being near by the mother especially at night. The Bloom Baby Bed is designed to provide the sleeping baby with immense safety and comfort. It is available in classic white color which is soothing to the eyes. The sides are wavy but adequately high so that the baby does not fall from it. It placed at the top of a square box that ensures the bed is right within the reach of the parents a...
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Winners of RCA Toyota iQ Design Challenge 2009

Earlier this year, Toyota and Royal College of Art Students (RCA) have launched a creative partnership to promote innovative design for urban living, using Toyota's new iQ city car as the inspiration. Students were asked to create an item that reflect the concept of 'intelligent urban living'. Yusuf Muhammad, was the winner of Living Room category and joint overall winner. His Yu Type design sits on the computer keyboard and allows 'hunt and peck' two fingered typists the opportunity to incre...
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MERM, Eco Friendly Modular Electronic Retail Minivan Concept

This most modern minivan must come to the retailers of present days. These small vans are run by solar panels and so they emit no obnoxious gases and so these are very eco-friendly. It has a body that is easily changeable and the inside can be fitted with different detachable modules which can be used to store different items according to the changing need of the market. Various items like frozen deserts, hot snacks, greetings cards, magazines and souvenirs can be kept inside it, as the solar pa...
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Utzon Speaker Design Was Inspired by Sydney Opera House

Speaker is a common gadget which most of you already have at home which enhances the sound of the MP3, television or other music system. But these days the speakers are manufactured in such a manner that they will increase the aesthetic appeal of your living room. The Utzon's speaker revealed sheer innovation and a unique design that was inspired by the architecture of the Sydney opera House. Three speakers are integrated in it and the classic combination of off-white and black turns it into an ...
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No Roaming and No Extra Charge When Using Freedom 2010 Phone During Traveling

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you might have gone traveling overseas and your current mobile phone doesn't work? Well kiss those problems goodbye with the new Freedom 2010 phone. Freedom Phone is a small pre-paid phone for travelers who cannot use their usual mobile phones while being abroad, or it could be a solution for those users who just don't need all the fancy features a last-generation phone has to offer, that is unique in design and unique in out it works. Upon ar...
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Fresh Storage with Photo Catalysis Technology by Lee Dongseok

The famous example of a father teaching his son about rotten apple may take a new meaning with this wonderful new concept by Lee Dongseok which takes refrigeration or storage of fruits to the next level. The designer has named the device as Fresh Storage which as the name implies is nothing but a new way of storing the freshness of the fruits using photo catalysis technology. This technology works on the principle that the ethylene gas, responsible to fasten the deterioration process if any of t...
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iTT Phone Design was Inspired by Audi

Sergio Gedanke has come up with a new mobile phone called iTT which endorses a classic look in stylish black and silver combination. The main menu button is a stark red one which is located in the middle of the silver fascia of the phone. The uniqueness of the phone lies in its screen which can be opened easily. When closed the screen features brilliant sheen and complements the silver grey color perfectly. The overall look of the phone is extremely classy and funky at the same time. (mo...
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mPower : Empowering People to Create Electricity

Usage of green energy is the top most priority for people who are conscious about their responsibility towards the nature and environment. Keeping this in mind the mPower system has been developed which generates huge energy at minimal effort. The slender body of the device and leaf like tip resembles the structure of a large leaf. The color is green to enhance its organic nature. The steppers at the bottom are also shaped like leaves with the similar designs. Using this unique product you can s...
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Smellfree Compost Bin : The Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin Concept

It's every home maker's nightmare of trashing the trash but the new concept design trash can is some thing that should take care of these worries. Named as Ultra Efficient Odorless Compost Bin designed by Industrial designer Joe Brunton ensures that the waste material don't stink inside the bin but the organic waste recycles itself by the use of carbon filter technology which dries up the decomposing waste while preventing the malodorous ammonia to enter kitchen. These filters are replaceable wh...
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DVD Parent-Child Communicator by Tom Korzeniowski

The new DVD parent child communicator designed by Tom Korzeniowski is surely a path breaking innovation. The design which was featured as a part of Carleton University School of Industrial design basically aimed at utilizing and exploring the current DVD technology and uses the same in consumer products. The device consists of two parts which communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology and in all captures the emotions of both the child and the parent during a given activity simultaneous...
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Rocker Peg Measure for Bartenders

The unique bar measure looks like a unique semi-circular pipe which is makes the job of measuring the shots pretty simple. The tinted green glass is used to manufacture this unique bar measure so that it looks aseptically pleasing to eyes. The tool is designed by Chetan Sorab and his innovation is surely praiseworthy. You can measure the 60 ml as well as 30 ml shots with it. In fact the both ends of the measuring tool are open so that you can pour the drink and then transfer it to the glass. Thi...
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Baguni : The Integration of Laundry Basket and Washing Machine

Are you tired of doing the same old domestic task every day? Then try out "Baguni", a washing machine that integrates a detachable laundry basket cum washing drum. Everyone needs a basket in order to collect laundry then the laundry basket is poured into the washing machine. Now, here comes the role of 'Baguni' as this laundry basket can be easily placed inside the washing machine and it serves as the washing machine drum. Once the washing process is done, the clean laundry can be detached from ...
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Aeolus Airship Travel Vehicle Concept with Aerodynamic Shape

Aeolus is a vehicle which allows people to travel the earth by air. The design concept is a reaction to an increasing desire of ecological correctness and novel experiences in traveling. The vehicle floats in the air, lifted by a large volume of helium and it can stay airborne for a journey of two weeks. With little effort it can be moved over the earth surface independent from any sort of infrastructure. The vehicle is designed for two to four people. Technically it floats like a balloon and is...
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Shake MP3 Player Uses Kinetic Energy to Charge The Battery

Do you know the motion of your body can actually charge an MP3 player? Yes, it is something new and exciting. Shake is a design concept that makes use of kinetic energy in order to charge the battery. A person just needs to shake his/her body for recharging the battery. Just turn on the "Hold" button and start shaking and once the battery is charged, you can turn off the "Hold" button to play and pause the MP3 player. You must have heard of the pocket watch with same concept but giving life to a...
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