MIESROLO : A Foldable Wood Chair

Take a look at the first Dynamic Cantilever Chair called MIESROLO. The manufacturing process took place at the Sustainable Workshops of the University. The foldable woods of this chair are connected with each other via synthetic band, which can take almost any shape that a user may want. This design placed 1st on the contest of Wood Agency Design Belgrade 2008 and won the Best Scientific-Professional work award in 2006/07 at University of Belgrade. This innovative concept of sitting furniture al...
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The Stream Modular System Concept from Barton Smith

The Stream concept is actually an amalgamation of Experience Modules (Memories, Media, Creations, Connections, Games, Documents), the Core Component, a Portable Display of 3.5”, Component Modules (processors, graphics, power, memory), Charging Cradle with Universal Charging Base. By creating this modular system, many advantageous features were introduced over the former products. This Steam adaptive system is more expandable and portable than any other current systems and it is offering more p...
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Seawater Vertical Farm in Dubai by StudioMobile

Studiomobile, an Italian architectural firm, have been working during the last couple of years in the United Arab Emirates and their most recent development is the concept seawater vertical farm. Their design, the Seawater Vertical farm utilizes seawater to keep cool and moisten greenhouses and to transform enough humidity back in to water to irrigate the plants. This project would be very much helpful where the supply of fresh water is limited and not much local cultivations are taking part. Th...
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Aqua Mineralis is An Innovative Concept That Raises The Value of Tap Water

Aqua Mineralis is sustainable mineral water that can raise the significance of tap water. It is true that water is the most precious natural resource we have but un-purified water is as dangerous as poisons. This is why, people tolerates the hassle of carrying purified bottle water to ensure the safety of their family. The Aqua Mineralis concept is a way out to overcome such situations through which tap water can be distilled when necessity arises. It can handle the purification process both fun...
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BEE’S Detects General Health Through Breath

Bees have an extraordinary odor perception and Pavlov is utilizing this characteristic of bees to train them with specific odor within minuets. The project of BEE’S demonstrates how we can co-habit with the natural biological system and implement their potential to boost our perceptive aptitudes. The main goal of this project involved with developing collaborative relations between technological and scientific research, design and beekeepers, and among others. To make the project usable and un...
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Connect, Simple Cell Phone Design with Optimus Keypad as Menu Navigation

The recent mobile phone market has boomed with plenty of gadgetry handsets from various manufacturers. Connect is a design of Gavin Flowers that is offering ease through usability along with cool attractive look. This ultra slim phone with simple keys will allow you to operate it without the hassle of finding the right key for a particular function. The built-in camera will allow you to capture your memories for future reviews. The main aspiration of designing this phone is to improve appearance...
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Frost Electric Car by Anders Gloslie

Anders Gloslie, a Norwegian designer who is studying at IED Tornio currently in Italy, developed the FROST concept electric car. The stylish exterior design of this extraordinary car was enthused by and developed to suit arctic climate conditions. The asymmetrical bodywork of this car was influenced by formations of ice and features plenty of ‘cracks’ which cover the lighting systems. This motivating natural inspiration source also denotes that the idea takes of various shapes seen from dif...
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New Holland Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor

Big machines were always fascinating to us when we were kids. Although we may have overlooked them, New Holland gave us a new product to recall those days. NH2 is the recently released tractor by New Holland based on their T6000 product line with one basic difference; it’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell without any sorts of emission. Maybe this tractor doesn't seem like an extraordinary achievement at the first look, but it demonstrates how alternative fuel technologies can make inroads into ...
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Pumpboard Might Be Your Future Skateboard

The concept of Pumpboard by 3KANT has shown the world how the skateboard may look like in near future. According to the designer, this mind-blowing skateboard would be one of the world’s most handy decks. This three wheeler transporter is inflatable with its removable rear axle that will allow the “board” to be revolved into a very compressed unit when you are not using it. The top and the bottom of the Pumpboard are semi-ridged and can give it the required superstructure when the user wil...
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Diabetes and Arsenic Jewelry by Leah Heiss

Leah Heiss, in collaboration with Nanotechnology Victoria, has developed a range of jewelry with therapeutic properties. Leah was NanoVic's first artist in residence from September 2007-June 2008, supported by Arts Victoria and the Australian Network for Art and Technology. Diabetes Jewelry Diabetes jewelry is a neckpiece and rings for administering insulin through the skin via a nano-engineered patch. The Diabetes Neckpiece is a wearable applicator device to apply Nanotechnology Victoria’...
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Bridges Used as Transport Links, Eerial Housing, and Skyborne Agricultural Complexes, All in One

Viktor Ramos, an architecture student, elaborates a brilliant idea to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Victor's simple but absolute genius concept shows bridging the Palestinian and Israel territories with huge structures, that can uphold life, house people, and let the people, animals and goods free transit. These bridges will be over each country's ground so that nobody will become isolated. This project is obviously huge but if it is structurally possible, it will bring a new look of th...
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The Lamborghini Insecta Car Concept for Extreme Racing

Iulian Bumbu, a Romanian professional car designer, designed The Lamborghini Insecta keeping an extreme racing supercar in mind. The design of this mid-engined 2-seater supercar combines the styling cues of the brand with elements encouraged by insect exoskeletons. The idea was based on introducing more organic and softer lines and combining them into the geometrical approach of Lamborghini. The inspiration mainly came from nature, particularly from the exoskeletons of insects which can be found...
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Futuristic Sinthesya Lighting System

Sinthesya is both an indoor and an outdoor lighting system or a light lamp that was designed by D'arc Studio and the talented Camillo Vanacore, a designer who is known for awesome but state of the art designs and creations. This lighting system has leaf-shaped design which coincided with its inspiration – the chlorophyllous photosynthesis that naturally happens in the leaves of plant. This Sinthesya lighting also has a number of desirable characteristics such as photovoltaic panels that render...
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RKS Laundry Pod : Do Small Load Quickly

Laundry POD can perfectly simplify your life by quickly cleaning a small load while no energy gets wasted. Hand washables and delicates can have some terrific attentions with the gentle spinning action that washes, rinses and extracts water to lessen drying times. This product is very much eco-conscious since it is made from recycled objects. You can re-use gray water for flushing, watering plants, etc and can use the POD anywhere; as a result, trips to dry cleaner and Laundromat can be reduced....
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Pho Tableware Design was Inspired by Vietnamese Lantern

If you look around, you will be able to find huge number of different type fancy bowl sets and Omid Sadri would be the one you will like most. The design of this bowl set was inspired by the shape of the Vietnamese lantern and the bowl set is projected to enrich and simplify the eating experience the famous soup of Vietnamese. You will be able to carry the soup and its several condiments easily, as well as create a whole new experience of eating by exposing and removing the different layers. Bes...
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