G9 Mobile Phone by Ichiro Iwasaki

G9 is the latest mobile by iida with the feature of being the first mobile that can be used anywhere all over the world which is not only a superior quality tool, but also is easy to use. G9 includes a true sense of uniqueness with various useful features and a gorgeous shape that educes style for all range of users. This ultimate sliding phone features exchangeable stainless steel frame with three different finish, slanted keys and exquisite palm fit shape. The phone is equipped with a large, m...
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Roca Zero Gravity by Oliver Pecharroman

Roca Zero Gravity is a futuristic and innovative way of experiencing the space traveling that are intended to be available for all in near future. This completely new experiences will raise the attraction of reliving these moments by making a desirable relaxing atmosphere. The main goal of this concept is to transmit the feelings of the space and instantly make you overlook about the outside chaos by putting you in a pure serenity condition into the ambience of your own bathroom. The unique and ...
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Solas : Two Seater Electric Car with Hexa-Structured Solar Panels

Solas is a uniquely designed two seater electric car concept that uses inner solar cells as energy source. The inner solar cells are placed into individual hexa structured solar panels and each panel is fabricated with light amplified material to make it more efficient. The hexa structured organization has also the advantage of lessening damage when an accident occurs. The body of Solas is made of transparent materials that ensures easy passing of solar energy. The wheels of this car are the mos...
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Feel The Samoo Style in Taekwondo Park World Headquarters

Taekwondo ‘One’ is a concept design for Taekwondo Park World Headquarters which is actually a beautifully landscaped and wisely organized woodlands, valleys and natural streams. Moreover, the park associated building complexes are designed to be a world cultural heritage center highlighting the beauty, sport and spirit of Taekwondo as well as the Korean culture. The designer has envisioned various complexes inside the Park such as the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, Korean Taekwondo Federati...
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Modular Recycle Bin by Dave Strydom

Although the Modular Recycling Bin is designed in a traditional and simple shape, it still offers the user a wide range of modern and necessary functions. Recycled materials have been used to produce the bin and the most wonderful feature is its three adjustable interior compartments. These compartments are made of plastic, glass and tin, and acts like a water bladder that can change size according to the inserted items in the individual compartments. Other noteworthy features of this bean are l...
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Gradient : Portable Electric Device to Keep Your Beverages Warm or Cold

Gradient is an ultra-portable electrically powered concept device that will maintain a steady temperature of a cup of tea or coffee. This lightweight device offers easy operating with the buttons placed on the case and you can monitor the temperature on the highlighted LED display. The lower surface of this device is actually a heating shell that can keep the cup warm and when it comes about keeping your beverages chill, the upper impeller acts. When the gadget is set to warm a cup, the LED ligh...
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Scout : Futuristic Two Seater Vehicle by Norio Fujikawa

Designers from all over the world are always trying to create faster, rare and more functional transportation concepts. Scout is such a two seater concept vehicle with two turbine engines that can attain top speed of around 400 to 500 mph and a low altitude lift. The designer has envisioned the vehicle in an exceptional way. Most of the viewers during their first look will get puzzled with the narrower end of the vehicle. While such narrower ends of other vehicles acts as the front, Scout has be...
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Luxury Bluetooth Headset from Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer, the famous watch manufacturer, has announced to launch a handy Bluetooth headset which is quite unlike than any other products available in the market. The device is actually an essential combination of a hearing device, a USB charger and a flash drive. This design will allow the users to carry all they need into one sleek pack without any sorts of cords. This device, with a great visual of elegant white and black combination, is an icon of space efficiency and provides quality sound ...
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Muecke Single Seater LightWeight Helicopter

The Muecke, name driven from mosquito, is a concept single seater easily transportable lightweight helicopter which is actually a combination of lower weight and fewer flying costs. The design comprises three stands instead of wheels to balance the chopper when grounded and a short tail without the conventional rotor. This small chopper will meet the need of ultimate personal aviation, proposed to be powered through a turbine driven by the shaft and features counter rotating blades. Therefore, a...
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Lighting Map by Owen Song

Light is a concept device combining a map-printed paper and a cover of the same that provides essential guidelines during various disorders. Between the two papers, a paper-like battery and a series of LEDs that turns on when the two electrodes on the cover page’s backside are exposed. Therefore, when the user scrolls the device and put together the electrodes, the LEDs turns on and the entire paper-roll becomes a flashlight. Thus, ‘Light’ is a tool through which people can navigate a map...
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With Innovative Blu Bottle Concept, You Don’t Need to Refill Again !

Blu Bottle combines a superb innovative design with mechanical processes and doesn't require any high tech electronics or reliance on batteries to perform. By using the most underused source of energy in the world, the human energy, this bottle can harness the user’s kinetic energy via a manual pump, various pressure chambers and valves. Blu Bottle contains a coolant unit and sudden release in pressure on that unit results drop in temperature, therefore generating drinkable condensation. This ...
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Cherry Electric Transportation Design with Carbon-Fiber Plastic Body

Cherry is an innovative way of transportation concept which is neither a bike nor a bicycle but still can offer the similar functionality with more facilities. Inspired by the natural shape of Cherry, the front part of this concept is bigger since this is the motion producing part and the rear part is at the minimum dimensions which results comfortable ride and lighter and smarter outlook. This vehicle will offer you less energy requirement, strong performance, balance of three wheels, pleasure ...
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Foldable Skateboard, Is It A Good Idea ?

The need of space-use efficiency has directed the designers to many innovative concept products ranging from bicycles to full fledged cars. But folding skate board is quite an exceptional idea for user convenience, portability and space minimizing. The board is actually a combination of two parts connected with a clump at the middle. The combination of black upper surface with a led direction indicator and the white under surface has given the skate board a fabulous look. The movable rear wheel ...
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Futuristic Robotaxi by Petr Kubik

The concept of Robot taxis include two seats and three wheels and have designed to ensure smooth public transportation system forever. This slick and compact robot taxis are very much look like a crane driver’s cab with only one uplifting door for passenger entry. These taxis will be available over the city and all of them will be always synchronized and aware of each other’s position. Passengers can jump in any of them at any place or pick the phone and order one, and reach their desired de...
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This Bottle Design Will Remind You to Save Water

Metals always have germicidal and antibacterial properties against polluting drinking water and this idea was utilized in the project "Save Water". This innovative concept utilizes a glass bottle for water stock and a small metal body inside with the note ‘Save Water’. This will allow users to always be aware of efficient use of water and save the planet as well. When the bottle is filled above the inner article level, the Save Water note will be seen bigger than its original size because of...
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