Brunopasso, An Expresso Coffee Machine That Looks like an Italian Sport Car

Japanese designer Tadahito Ishibashi has come up with an espresso machine which he has named as “Brunopasso”. He has called the same as design for style because the design is truly majestic and can be termed as a masterpiece. It looks in every bit more like the Italian Sports Cars complete with console panel. While looking stylish it is also very simple to use and even works with pods. These gadgets are very much available commonly at the supermarkets. So just go ahead and make a style statement by having an espresso machine right on your table.

brunopasso expresso machine

brunopasso expresso machine

Designer : Tadahito Ishibashi [ProductPage]

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Denise says: October 22, 2012

I am loving the new designer appliances. The Swiss and Italian sure know how to make essential yet functional coffee machines.

Mike says: March 17, 2014

Really looks like an Italian sports car and I like that one. I bought a new espresso machine from taceesi had a stunning look with a grey finish. We had our special coffee in that and looking forward to buy this one also.

Anjelica says: February 26, 2016

Thanks for the post. I really didn’t know about this Brunopasso, an-expresso-coffee-machine. Now I am knowing this. It looks like a car.

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