Bell Mug Helps Blind People Pouring Water Into A Cup Without Spilling

Pouring a mug with some drink is often quite difficult for blind peoples. Generally, blind people gets an idea of how much they have poured by the sound of water flow, but this is certainly not an efficient way. The Bell Mug helps blind people to pour themselves a drink securely without spilling. The handle of the mug contains three different levels to choose from as per the user’s requirement. After selecting the level, the user will start pouring the mug. The device contains a built-in sensor to determine the current water level and will make an indication sound from the speaker when the water reaches the desired level.

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

bell mug

Designers : Sang Hoon Lee and Yong Bum Lim

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leo Zugner says: August 13, 2009

What’s a “blid” person?

ki says: August 14, 2009

good idea, that will sell really well if it finds its way into production.

savanik says: August 21, 2009

I'm sorry, sighted people really should ask blind people when they're trying to design products for them. Most can tell how full a glass is – even one they're unfamiliar with – by listening to the resonant pitch of the liquid while they're pouring.

    Matt says: September 15, 2009

    hahahaha I was just about to write that. so true. Anyone who can see can close their eyes and begin pouring into a cup and know when to stop by the resonant pitch, as you said, however, how a blind person can accurately pour a fluid into a cup without missing the cup completely and not touching the glass in order to not contaminate it is beyond me.

Ben says: September 17, 2009

So have you ever been in a kitchen with the radio/washing machine/cooker/microwave/ turned on? Or when there's a storm outside?

Yes, resonant pitch is a great way for the majority of us but this cup at least solves a problem for the few that need it.

moti regev says: November 8, 2009


great invention!
how can we get it?
israel guide dog center for the blind

Rhonda Duewel says: March 2, 2010

Where can this be purchased. My mother who is 98 has just lost her sight and I need to purchase one as soon as possible.

holly says: September 23, 2010

this would be perfect for my dad who lost his sight a few years ago now, gonna keep a watch of this, would love to get hiim one

Jesse says: October 29, 2010

Its too bad none of them can read this article

asewr says: November 1, 2010

"It is very difficult for the handicapped even if a man can do it easily."
Are we to infer that in the opinion of the author, being a woman is a handicap? I hope so, because that's hilarious.

ikkonoishi says: November 2, 2010

Better than a mug would be a stick you could stick into any drinking cup. You could also use it to stir the drink then.

UNHAPPY says: November 27, 2011


Deborah says: January 4, 2014

Where can you buy the cup

    mandy says: September 4, 2014

    where can you buy the cup

Barry James says: October 27, 2014

how do i buy a bell coffee mug?

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