No Shoelace But Better : No More Disturbing Shoelace

Shoelace is always a disturbing thing in many different ways and No Shoelace but better is designed to overcome these common problems associated with shoelace. This new type of running shoe will allow the user not to have an excessively tight fit on the top of the foot. Moreover, the user will not experience frequently untying the lace and coming loose, instead, this design concept completely wraps around the foot with a piece of material, which can be adjusted by wearer with the Velcro strap. The designer has opted to keep the design simple from the visor aspect, yet contains all the necessary functionalities as a running shoe.

no shoe lace but better

no shoe lace but better

no shoe lace but better

no shoe lace but better

no shoe lace but better

Designer : Seon-Keun Park and Jin-Sun Park

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7 thoughts on “No Shoelace But Better : No More Disturbing Shoelace

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  1. Awesome!!
    I love all my shoes(boots and tennis shoes) to be shoelace free. And 1 used to make a really cool pair, but they're design is lacking these days and other tennis shoe manufacturers don't understand the simplicity and functionality of the concept.

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