Urban Skiff Ready for Sailing Anytime, Anywhere …

Wanna go sailing in the nearby park or lake? With Urban Skiff, you only need to take a bus or a train to go there, unpack, and you are ready to sail. Urban Skiff is a compact portable/foldable small boat which is easy to assemble, making it perfect as water transportation for urban lifestyle.

urban skiff compact dinghy

urban skiff compact small boat

future urban skiff

urban skiff concept

Designer : Thomas Etter, Thomas Giger, Anita Meyer, Femke Morf, Florian Ueker

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2 thoughts on “Urban Skiff Ready for Sailing Anytime, Anywhere …

  1. I am a windsurfer and I love sailing. I am looking for a compact sail that I can put it in my car and go sail anywhere anytime. I love this design and hope to see it soon commercially. Can't wait to sail once again.

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