BearHug Inflatable Vest Has Been Designed To Improve The Lives of Children with Autism

BearHug Inflatable Vest is one of award wining designs from RedDot concept which aims to improve the lives of children with autism. Autism has become growing concern for parents as this disorder affects as many as one in every 91 children in US. Bearhug works by providing evenly distributed pressure to kid’s body with sensors disorders like autism. This firm pressure is believed can help increase focus and attention as well as relieve anxiety. Just like a mother says that her son with autism likes deep pressure, it can calm him down, in fact, sometimes it’s a necessity like oxygen and water. Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) has also shown great results when used on individual with stress and anxiety or any other mental health disorders.

Designer : Lisa Fraser

BearHug Inflatable Vest for Deep Pressure Therapy

BearHug Inflatable Vest for Deep Pressure Therapy

BearHug Inflatable Vest provides evenly-distributed pressure that can be controlled by the wearer allowing them to be independent and in control of regulating their sensory systems. The inflatable technology is concealed by fun outer-shell styles that also promote other sensory calming aids such as textured pockets for tactile stimulation. Children can press the teddybear’s paw to inflate the vest, but for safety, the vest won’t be able to place pressure on stomach or chest. The material used for outer shell is 100% recycled fabrics from PET bottles with attachable “feely” textured pockets to offer tactical stimulation for additional calming.

BearHug Inflatable Vest has been designed to look like a stylish jacket instead of a medical device, in this way, this vest can be worn almost anywhere and only inflated when needed. There’s no reason to get the children out of their classroom to get calming therapy as they can do it instantly. Aside from being one of winning designs from RedDot concept, BearHug Inflatable Vest is also an award winning design from Spark and Core77 which has received much interest from leading world experts in autism. You can contact the designer via this email address:

BearHug Inflatable Vest for Deep Pressure Therapy

BearHug Inflatable Vest for Deep Pressure Therapy

BearHug Inflatable Vest for Deep Pressure Therapy

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Winston says: February 19, 2012

I quite like this idea

Lisa says: February 19, 2013

Please check out for the new inflatable vest called Snug Vest (was BearHug). Product is now available!

Taylor says: April 18, 2015

Is there a safety valve or something that keeps the jacket from being over inflated and hurting the child or person wearing it?

Charles Gorman says: August 17, 2016

Is there a security valve or something that keeps the coat from being over swelled and harming the tyke or individual wearing it?

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