BALERINA Dish Rinsing and Storage Tool For Modern Kitchen

BALERINA dish rinsing and storage tool is made of plastic (random co-polipropilen) and has a double turntable plate. The product is a clean dish storage system that can easily be placed nearby the kitchen sink that exist with three parts. Compared to existing products in the market, this concept is more advantageous since it provides a regular usage space and having an enormous storage capacity.

Designer : DesignNobis

Balerina Dish rinsing and storage tool by DesignNobis

Balerina Dish rinsing and storage tool by DesignNobis

BALERINA takes over with its economical contribution, practical design value and functionality as visual structure of it. It is constituted with two platforms fitting to each other and a foot with a plastic disc gasket for better balance to prevent accidental fall from the the kitchen workbench. Turntable disc design makes placing the dishes is easy during washing.

Balerina Dish rinsing and storage tool by DesignNobis

Tuvie has received this project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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