Wrist-Worn PC, Say Hello to Zypad WL 1000

The Zypad WL 1000 is the first wrist-worn PC created by Eurotech Group. It combines the same features of a standard computer with a device that provides the convenience and ergonomics of a wrist worn instrument. Thanks to the high level of circuit miniaturization, the Zypad WL 1000 harnesses all the potential power expected from standard hardware and software architectures.

zypad wl 1000

Weighing only 290 grams and shaped to the contours of the body, the WL 1000 can be worn comfortably on the user’s wrist. Its ergonomic design coupled with its easy interface

(ensured by touch-screen functions and a mini keyboard) allow the user hands-free operation.

wrist pc zypad wl 1000

wrist pc zypad

watch movie from wrist pc

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8 thoughts on “Wrist-Worn PC, Say Hello to Zypad WL 1000

  1. Graphical Interface from the 1990s. Sick from the same interface problem worldwide. Ugliness and bulkiness. And even on the foto it could be seen that the lower-right corner would hurt the hand.

    Good luck fixing these parts.

  2. Fix ergonomics, otherwise ideal as

    Wristworn GPS & Celphone.

    Below Markets for use (modified, adapted):

    US Secret Service



    Police forces


    Security companies

    Search & Rescue

    Scuba diving: show Depth, temp, O2.

    Services Tech

    Customer Service.


    Tour Guide

    For Presentations: hit button X for POWERPOINT display in meeting room etc.


    Wii Setup

    WiFi set up

    IT Services.

    Orders & Shipping from Dockside vs by PC in office.

    House webcam for video coverage?

    & for Web use:





    Simple Txt messages.

    Advanced versions can be like Space Ghost power bands able to emit LASER or sonic beam at object for Defense.

    But thats for the year 2030? 2040?

    Just adapt a IPhone to the wrist & improve Ergonomics & buttons & Bingo a Winner.

    Make strap etc adjustable.

    Other markets:

    Active seniors


    Basketball, baseball use

    Monitor patients via Remote Telemed.

    Race swimmers?


    Test pilots./

    Hard hat divers

    Fire Dept use.

    Much $$$$ from this alone.

  3. If it was given a more elegant OS it would be very popular, as well as detachable outer plates for those who would like to change the look of their own "Computer". I understand this is very geeky, but if you were to base the casing and buttons off of the Pip Boy from "Fallout" it would have a more user friendly look to it. It could also be given the same properties as a phone making it an all-in-one PDA. I would sure buy one and put it to good use.

    -Doc O'Malley

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