UP-Series for Urban City People

UP is a product line that includes both furnishing and lighting elements for urban environments aiming to connect different people, markets and cultures. This design is a result of a young and inspiring team who think differently in principle and features from a bicycle stand and bollard to a bench. This formal design idea is carried throughout the entire product line and will enable the user to plan and produce more aesthetically rational cityscape. This product was developed in order to make our future cities more pleasant, attractive, and livable, and make the people happier than ever.

Just because of the efficient functionality of this product line, it has received various positive feedbacks from many important personnel. The starting point of designing this useful product collection was the simple and rounded bollard. Different functions were adjoined by making various incisions and the main outline was converted into a wide-ranging and versatile range of products. In order to get the most from the product line, placing and organizing them accordingly is very much important. Implementing these artifacts will surely bring a significant difference in the appearance of our current city life which will be able to change the entire lifestyle of the urban city people.

up series furniture

up series furniture

Designer : Norway Says via HomeDosh

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