Twist Wrench by Wang Qiubo and Hu Xinyuan

Twist Wrench has been designed to provide ergonomic handle for better grip in applying torque to turn objects. When using twist wrench, it would be easier for you to rotate bolts or nuts. Better torque means less effort for me to keep the bolts turning.

Designer : Wang Qiubo and Hu Xinyuan

Twist Wrench

Twist Wrench

Twist Wrench

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One thought on “Twist Wrench by Wang Qiubo and Hu Xinyuan

  1. I think you should do a little research before designing something and then posting it on the web. This wrench design already exists. I own some. You can buy them from Sears by Craftsman. Called the "cross Force" wrench. Been around for a while now. So if you think about actually trying to make them you will probably infringe on a patent.

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