Transformable Wheelchair Concept by Caspar Schmitz

If you know some one who is using a wheelchair for survival then this product is for them. This wheelchair is made of an elastic as well as strong plastic, for example Polyurethane. The vehicle becomes adapted to contact face and the center of gravity to the situation. Through vertical pressure on the handle bar the round wheel converts to ellipsoid. As a result of which steps and barriers can be taken care of easily. It is a great invention of the wheelchair. This transformable wheel will surely abolish lots of barriers and assist disabled people to carry on their life easily.

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

transformable wheelchair concept

Designer : Caspar Schmitz

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15 thoughts on “Transformable Wheelchair Concept by Caspar Schmitz

  1. Amazing! Maybe I can't tell from the photos, but where do our feet go? I'm a wheelchair rider and I'd like to know more!

    perhaps they could use this in airports to take us through the metal detector so we don't have to get patted down *every single time* we fly!

    that'd be great!

  2. This looks like a great idea, elegant in its simplicity. Hope you are trying to make it.

    My mother who is 83 and arthritic, needs such a chair for our first floor flat in Delhi.

    Pls write back

  3. I love this chair and I really do hope it goes into production sooner rather than later. Stairs and roadside kerbs are obstacles for normal wheelchair users but if this went into production it would be much easier.

  4. What a great concept! Looks so handy, especially for steps.But even for narrow doorways etc. Looks stylish too.

    I can't tell from the picture:

    I am a paraplegic wheelchair user and have a few questions from what I see.Where do our feet go, and what stops us falling forward when it is angled that way?

    Goodluck with this product, hope you plan to build it!

  5. it is a good concept but it needs good engineering thought though. Just pointing out to the designer of this concept:

    1. You need to think how the wheel will turn when it is an elipsoid shape?
    2. The wheel seemed to be attached at the bottom, how do you think the wheel will bend if all the weight will be transfered to that metal bar at the bottom of the wheel? Think about it…

    I am not trying to shoot this idea down I think it is a very valid idea! Just needs some more thought… I also had some close ones who were using wheel chair and I am myself trying to solve this problem of stair cases for wheel chair users, as I am an engineer by profession.

  6. I don't get it. How do you move it? There are no handrims that you can use to propel yourself. And if there were, they wouldn't be usable since the seat is so low that you can't reach the outer side of the wheels, where the handrims are supposed to be. Also, since the seat is so low, your face would be on other people's knee level, which is ridiculous and inconvenient (I want to look people in the eye, or at least chest). The missing footrest has already been mentioned.
    2/10. Just put these wheels on a normal wheelchair and your problems are fixed.

  7. What about ergonomics? Have you heard about it? Where you gonna put your feet? How could you move the wheels with his arms? Paraplegics are serious – It needs some sense of engineering. It's kind of beauty, but is unuseless. Try to read something about how to make a wheelchair. Stop doing just sketches – it looks like a joke 🙁

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