“Taibu” Cute Round Vacuum Cleaner

In our daily busy schedule, vacuum cleaners over the years have become a very helpful tool. Though the first thing that comes to mind is that big cleaning devices, but as the saying goes, good thing comes in small packages like here comes the round shaped Taibu vacuum cleaner. It is a small good looking powerhouse which is easy to use and store. Designed by upcoming designer Anna-Maria Einla, it doesn’t compromise on the functionality or utility. The design is special enough in a manner that the bulk of the weight is carried at the bottom so it doesn’t fall during usage. One word comes to mind – cute!

taibu vacuum cleaner

taibu vacuum cleaner

Designer : Anna-Maria Einla via HomeTone

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5 thoughts on ““Taibu” Cute Round Vacuum Cleaner

  1. It's time for my daily portion of questions 🙂

    1. is this pipe/handle ergonomical? I don't think so.

    2. how do you fasten this pipe to main body of vacuum? By magnes? 😀

    3. Where are buttons? You need at least 2: power and wire roll-up.

    4. this straight, rought-looking pipe doesn't fit to main body of vacuum ;/

    it is not cute to me.


  2. Hello Naraya,

    I'm glad you have so many important questions.

    The Taibu vacuum cleaner is a concept and the pipe has it's ergonomical advances and disadvances. For a better controle of the body for making quick turns, this pipe turned out to work better. Although a round shape pipe is also an option. The concept is being worked on.

    2. That is righ, the pipe attaches to the body by magnets.

    3. It is difficult to see but the buttons exist: the on/off button right on top of the body, in the central part of the cleaner. and wire roll-up beneath the body – the concept is that the user can "lean" the round shaped vacuum cleaner on his foot, by touching the wire roll.up button 🙂 sorry that this was unclear.

    4. well, the pipe is being worked on, but for the first concept it fits quite well.

    Thank you for your questions! 🙂

  3. well, it may fit to your concept, but don't you think, that your hand should be more important? 🙂 Design "just for design" has its own name: contemporary art. And it has nothing to do with utility.

  4. I agree with both actually. Ergonomical and practical to some especially people with small spaces in home, this vacuum does show its uses. its small, compact and well, convenient.

    Then there are some people that may find this vacuum to be just an "art" per say, as in, this vacuum are just not as useful as it seems, possibly the wire may get tangled or perhaps the vacuum is just too "petite" – questionable power, not so much of a use, which is fine because it is a well-attempted design. Each to their own preference and opinion 🙂 All in all, I applaud the attempt to combine Art and Ergonomics, though with its pros and cons. Well done! 🙂

  5. At first glance this vacuum cleaner makes so much sense. I find that vacuum cleaners are fitted with linear wheels that only move on that track when cleaning requires a far more flexible capability. Many times my vacuum cleaner topples over if I am not mindful of its limitations. At other times it is more efficient for two people to do the job; one working the suction end, and the other managing the canister.

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