Synesthesia Race Car Concept by Štěpán Král

Submitted by Štěpán Král, this project is the next generation of Synesthesia Race Car Concept. You can read his explanation below.

The race means from beginning a passion, emotions and adrenaline. In order to drive one of these racing sport cars, one must posses an extraordinary level of driving skills. Not that technical device and controls will reduce our racing deficiency. Nowadays the driving competitions are starting to become autonomous, it is just a matter of time that these competitions will be without the driver, where every decision will be done by an artificial intelligence. In the age where everything’s autonomous, where all the drivers will be?

My vision of the advanced racing car in the near future is very connected with the driver. The sports car would be driven on closed circuits, allowing the user to experience the full potential of the vehicle in a safe environment. The user controls the vehicle by utilizing their body movements. The open, fluid shape of the framework exposes the user to the outside environment, stimulating the user and exerting adrenaline by feeling every movement made by the vehicle.

Synesthesia Race Car Concept by Stepan Kral

Synesthesia Race Car Concept by Stepan Kral

Synesthesia Race Car Concept by Stepan Kral

Synesthesia Race Car Concept by Stepan Kral

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