COSSACK VZR-C1 “ShockWave” Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson has submitted his latest project to us. It’s a sports motorbike concept for Russia, you can read his full explanations below.

COSSACK VZR-C1 “ShockWave” Motorcycle is designed with a V-Twin 800-1000cc in mind… As Russia are trying to promote a New Age Russian revival image I thought it maybe an idea to accompany this image with a modern bike of their own Mother Russia image. In traditional and patriotic colors the “Shock Wave was designed with a Russian and different visual image in mind to state “Not Japanese, Italian or anyone one else but Russian” in mind… Modern because the Russian bikes today I feel are old and just getting older, for a New Age Russia something New is needed to run along side their 40’s BMW based machines, that are not bad bikes but their appeal is let’s say appropriate to the more traditionalists.

Designer : Lee Thompson

COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

With all their military might and space race credentials now would be a good time to up the game in today’s age show the rest of the world the sincerity of this projected Modern Russian statement. As China, Indian, Korea and other manufacturers make strides to compete with the Big Boys of bike manufacturing world, Russia needs to be seen stepping up and beyond so not to fall even further behind. To make it easy take a well proven engine like a Rotax engine for example and stamping a Russian various state of tune run one model of variations and options, this makes it cheaper and easier to start with. An 800-1000cc engine with umph and power would attract the new generation in the world market as a true alternative.

I have produced color options, panel options and from a naked nose fairing only version to full fairing, optional “Black Russian” full spec sport/racing version… Versatility should also be apparent and have put a few key features to show a versatile approach to include touring and every day ability to the appeal. The “Cossack” name and image I have illustrated is ideal for a modern trend and image to promote what is needed, more frustratingly it is something they are more than capable of achieving.

COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

Tuvie has received “COSSACK VZR-C1 ShockWave Motorcycle” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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