Vehicle-Launched Bridge Creates A Temporary Bridge for Faster and Safer Rescue Operation

There are still many places in South of China have to suffer from flood disaster during rainy seasons where roads tend to be blocked and bridges are broken. This condition makes it hard to perform rescue operation or material delivery, that’s why Vehicle-Launched Bridge would be a nice solution. It’s a special vehicle that creates a temporary bridge quickly by deformation, combination, and assembly. The width of the bridge is adjustable to enable rescue operation easier and safer.

Designers : Wang Yunlong, An Hui, Li Xi, He Chunyan, Zhang Xue, Qi Ji, Xu Kun, and Qiao Song
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Sun Jing

Vehicle-Launched Bridge Launches Temporary Bridge

Vehicle-Launched Bridge Launches Temporary Bridge

How it works?
When this vehicle arrives on the field, Vehicle-Launched Bridge would position itself on one side of the river then stabilizing itself by extending those legs on both sides. Stairs are lowered at the tail and a hydraulic pole can raise the main body of the bridge and extend the folding bridge forward rapidly. The hydraulic device is responsible for stretching and extending the bridge, on the other part of the river, the same vehicle is parked and processing the same task to allow 2 bridges to meet and lock in the middle, the buckled link makes the bride even more stable. The bridge’s surface is designed with grooved rubber steps to increase friction to avoid accidental fall.

Vehicle-Launched Bridge Launches Temporary Bridge

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3 thoughts on “Vehicle-Launched Bridge Creates A Temporary Bridge for Faster and Safer Rescue Operation

  1. One problem. What would you do if one of the two trucks necessary cannot access the its side of the water way. Or if the area is question doesn't have such a truck on one side? And, obviously, if the truck wasn't already there and could access the other side, what need is there for the bridge?

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